WWE “Unified Champion” To Be Crowned At TLC

– WWE announced a singles match between Goldust and Ryback for this week’s edition of WWE Main Event. The match was made official on this week’s edition of WWE RAW from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

– Also announced on RAW is the official new title for the top championship in WWE. As the result of a fan poll that took place on RAW, the man who wins the John Cena vs. Randy Orton match at TLC will be crowned the Unified Champion of WWE.

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  • pwnez

    The unified champion sounds best IMO.

    • BMPunk

      ehhhh. It’ll sound weird calling it that. “I am the new Unified Champion.”

    • Aperture

      The Undisputed World or WWE Champion sounds way better.

      • Poofy Penguin

        The Undisputed World Champion sounds better, has a nice sound to it

    • CSSA

      Undisputed will always be the best name. That’s what it was, and that’s what it should be.

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      I personally liked Undisputed WWE Champion – since this is the WWE… But then again, I also personally don’t really care. lol.

  • elkabong

    WH Championship + WWE Championship = WWE Universal Championship

    • Aperture

      Nice. One question though. How would they know if aliens from a different planet don’t know how to wrestle though? It is like Miss Universe. You don’t know if female aliens are even more beautiful than the models on Earth.

      Just sayin’.

      • Archimedes_Slim

        Trust me man, unless you have a thing for tentacles or blue stick with earth.

        • Aperture

          Well, no. Wait…

          You have been to another planet? What do they look like?

          • Archimedes_Slim

            There’s one of the more comely lasses.

          • Guest

            One of the more comely lasses.

          • Archimedes_Slim

            I see disqus doesn’t actually delete double posts.

          • Aperture


    • pwnez

      I don’t like the sound of it simply because I can picture kids screaming “John Cena is the champion of the entire universe!” It doesn’t have a good ring to it lol.

  • Zack Stinson

    IF they decide to go with one belt I would hope they would go with the World Title design, or make a new one that doesn’t look like a giant superbowl ring.

  • Bad News Buzzard Follower

    the unified champion. wow really universe because undisputed champion was broken or maybe wwe just rigged the vote because it wants to distance itself from chris jericho

  • dae

    They should call it the WWE Unified Championship (symbolized by the new WWE strap). Then, when Cena/Orton drop it, keep the one title strap and just call it the WWE Championship.
    Then, there will be continuity between the tag titles, Diva’s title, and have the mid-card straps to battle over.

  • Adam-Michael

    Just call it the WWE Championship for christ sakes.. it’s the WWE just have the WWE title. Put the WHC in the hall of fame where it belongs before they make it even more meaningless and ruin its legacy… It is esentially a certain jerker belt these days until Cena won it of course because he refuses to be anything but MAIN EVENT….

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      They can’t call it that because they will likely break it up again down the road.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    They might as well call it “The Sports Entertainment Champion” at this point.

  • GN-0015

    I can stay calm about this. Trust me, even if they call it “Unified Championship”, it won’t last long.

  • Jamie Morgan

    ‘wwe world champion’ – sounds the best. the unified champion sounds stupid

  • Sigma ?

    No matter who wins to become the Urinal Champion or whatever, we the fans will still lose.

  • JJ

    WWE Heavyweight Champion.


    • Michael Jobe

      Just what I was thinking. Was about to post that until I noticed your comment. LOL

  • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

    I voted for Undisputed WWE Champion.

    So we’ll have a “Unified Champion” … but there will no longer be a “WWE Champion”

    • JimRoss_Wwe

      Loser. -j.r.

  • JimRoss_Wwe

    Outcome of the match:
    Orton captures thw whc
    While super cena captures his previous wwe championship title, thus taking it to the mitb where daniel bryan and cm punk will win each mitb match, thus setting us up for wm:30, where they will both cash it in making it a fatal four way match.BAWH GAWD!!!- jim ross.

    • stormgreyeagle

      you still suck

  • Johrdann Miller

    just call the the WWE championship ffs

  • Damian BanCster

    Undisputed World Champion. But it’s corny that they asked.


    Why don’t they just call it The Undisputed WWE Championship and bring back either the 80’s title, 90’s title or the original Undisputed title

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    The unified champion just sounds odd.

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      The world peace champion.

  • raven

    I would have called it the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
    Unified Champion just sounds lame. Now if the belt last 2years it will be the Unified Champion and make no sense at all

  • guest :)

    why don’t they just get it over with and call it the “John Cena Championship”

  • Mr_DJ

    Doubt they’re going to use that name.

  • Kevin G. Wolfe

    The WWE Champion of the World because that STILL sounds less ridiculous than “The Unified Champion”

  • Bro88

    As many have said name it the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Takes a combo of both titles and doesn’t sound like the trophy of a crappy civil war.