WWE’s Decision To Phase Out PPV To Affect The Rock’s WrestleMania Returns?

Many are saying it will be interesting to see how WWE’s decision to phase out their pay-per-view business in favor of the WWE Network will affect big returns, such as The Rock, for future shows.

In his last two WrestleMania appearances, the financial side of The Rock’s deal with WWE depended heavily on the percentage of revenue he would garner from the pay-per-view intake, a source of revenue that doesn’t really exist anymore with WWE bringing in less and less money from pay-per-view.

The Rock noted in recent interviews that while he would be willing to come back to WWE for another match or two, it would depend on whether or not it was with the right person, and if the money was right.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • LACenaFan

      The Rock wants Lesnar, so give him Lesnar. He can feud with Bryan too, because of the RAW 1000 situation when he Rock Bottomed Bryan after AJ rejected him at the wedding. Everyone would be excited with this match more than Cena’s.

      • Paul Heyman’s Soldier

        Or maybe The Rock vs Roman Reigns. Cousin vs Cousin.

        • Jon Saltsman

          See but then they would pretty much have to make one of them a heel and with them trying to push reigns as a face I don’t see it being him and I don’t see rocky turning heel either. Just wouldn’t work IMO. Once the rock came back everyone started hating on John Cena. Just imagine what it would do to reigns.

          • LACenaFan

            Lol I think everyone was hating Cena before Rocky.

          • TNA Live Crowd

            Shawn Michaels/Undertaker wasn’t heel vs face and neither was Rock/Cena…it doesn’t always have to be as long as there’s a proper story and build up

          • “Cotton Eye” Joe Hennig

            No they don’t.

    • God’s Diamond

      Dewey vs joey: twice in a family’s lifetime.

    • WWE 4Life

      I would like for The Rock come and save Reigns and Ambrose from HHH, Orton and Rollins and just have him feud with HHH that would be pretty good considering their old feuds with DX and NOD..

      • SOBI

        In the current Roster the way things are going it’ll be Bray Wyatt that’d end up fighting the Rock cause the Wyatt family will give the Rock a LOT of material to joke around with

    • Rockfan84

      Rock vs brock. Then rock vs Goldberg. Hopefully 2 wins from 2 wrestlemania main events. After that he’d be done I think.

      • pvnez

        rock vs hbk .. or rock vs y2j ., rock vs hhh .. rock vs lesnar or the rock vs austin

        • Rockfan84

          Doubt hbk would wrestle again. Y2j is an angle that was overloaded back in the day. Austin I think is done now. Triple h is a possibility. Lesnar, like I said, would love to see it. Best rematch for a mania main event. Would like to see him beat brock & Goldberg. But I doubt Goldberg would sign up to lose.

          • brad

            Goldberg never loses I mean he has never officially lost clean and personally I would love to see Roman Regins be the first man to defeat Bill Cleanly.

            • I speak Truth…do you

              you are right…..i never realized that but in a clean pinfall, goldberg has never lost!!! and still, they chant his name! Id like to see bill get in the ring in a part time wrestling schedule, but he would have to seriously make up for that BS last match with Lesner…that was horrific to watch, as they could easily put up the best match in years

        • gdaddy1971

          People need to stop expecting HBK to come back. He’s not coming out of retirement. He will make special appearances, but he will not ever do a match again. More than likely the same would go for Austin. The others could be good and would be more possible.

          • pvnez

            An ideal dream match the rock vs hbk .. and then the rock vs y2j .. lesnar vs rock is not worth seeing I would prefer y2j instead of lesnar

            • gdaddy1971

              I agree that it is the ideal dream match….Rock and HBK are my two all-time favorites, but sadly it will never happen. I would also agree that Rock vs Y2J would be better than Rock vs Lesnar. But after the last few matches, I think that Dwayne needs to hang it up. He is too injury prone. And as much as he says that he is there for the fans and the love of the business, his actions really show that it is all about the money.

            • pvnez

              Yes I totally agree with you but still I want to see y2j vs the rock .. y2j as a heel in back those day and his promo with rock was just awesome .. the way y2j put his hand infront of the rock face signing just bring it wow.. that’s what is called best promo

    • mac888

      I don’t know last match he had he tore the pelvic muscle off the bone, Rocky has a hollywood type body now and is too lean to be a wrestler at his age. When you have no body fat you are more susceptible to injury because there’s nothing to cushion the blows you take in the ring. He should gain back the weight or be done with wrestling

      • C-Snap

        Lean?! Have you seen the guy recently? He’s freaking massive!

        • mac888

          Exactly. He looks bigger because he has very little body fat and is more lean. I gaurantee you he weighs less than he did when he was a regular wrestler even though he looks bigger

    • fatneal

      honestly as a fan of the rock i want hollywood rock back one last time

    • FlawlessRKO

      The Rock vs. Randy Orton. The match we never got to see, 3rd-generation vs 3rd-generation

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        I actually agree. One match/feud I’ve always wanted to see.

      • RuthlessRaj

        Agreed. We got a sneak peak years ago but I think a match now between them would be epic.

      • RUDEDOG

        There is no way in hell if the Rock came back it would be to face Randy Ortron. The Rock has already said that he wants to work with Roman Reigns, and since he’s related to him he would probably do it for a little less money then working with anyone else..

        • FlawlessRKO

          Randy and The Rock are the greatest multi-generation wrestlers in history. WWE would be wise to do a WrestleMania 31 feud between the two. Besides Roman will be involved in the WWEWHC match at WM 31, so he’ll be too busy. Randy Orton vs The Rock makes more sense and would make a lot of money. There’s no point in The Rock vs Reigns, but against Randy it would be to see who the greatest multi-generational wrestler of all-time is.

    • 1ef2safzxx

      It would be cool to see Rock put over Bryan or Reigns. Rock is someone who’s never had a problem putting people over unlike Cena.

      But I doubt he’ll come back and risk his body and career for a match or 2.

    • Flying Hippo

      I’d like to see The Rock with Reigns and the Usos since they’re all family

    • brad

      As long as he faces either orton, HHH, or Regins then I would be interested, well I can’t lie when I say I would still love to see my all time biggest dream match between Hbk and The Rock.

    • esnips

      Why deny what you guys really what to see. Just be honest with yourselves.
      At Wrestlemania ROCK vs CENA III

      • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

        we want Cena Vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania 31!

    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

      Rock Vs Brock then Rock Vs Goldberg – would be better!

      • I speak Truth…do you

        i have been seeing plenty of Goldberg talk…..is there rumblings about Goldberg wrestling????

    • Kjhaltz

      HBK V the Rock