Wyatt vs. Cena: The Perfect Build

Bray Wyatt refers to himself as “The Eater of Worlds.” After his first few months with the company, he could also easily refer to himself as “The King of the Promo” and not many would object.

No character in recent memory has used the promo to build up his character as well as Wyatt. Starting with a series of haunting videos preceding the stable’s debut, the Wyatt Family were able to build the foundation that would allow them to become one of the top heel groups in the company.

After a perfect debut (minus the Husky Harris chants) and successful feuds with Daniel Bryan and the Shield, it was revealed that Wyatt would be entering a program with John Cena during the WrestleMania season.


Many cringed at the thought of Wyatt battling Cena at WrestleMania. I personally thought the match would result in nothing more than the WWE further elevating its biggest star while taking one of the hottest superstars in the company down a notch.

After all, Cena isn’t exactly notorious for putting over stars at WrestleMania, although he has put over the Miz and the Rock in the past. I am not here to make predictions regarding the matchup, but to instead discuss how the two have used masterful promos to build the fight into possibly the most anticipated match on the card.

The Rock is the only man to ever pin Cena clean at WrestleMania? Will Wyatt be able to defeat Superman?

The Rock is the only man to ever pin Cena clean at WrestleMania? Will Wyatt be able to defeat Superman?

Cena has discussed how his legacy is at stake at WrestleMania, while Wyatt has criticized Cena for being primarily concerned with selling merchandise and achieving fame. This is certainly not a new line of criticism directed at Cena.

In fact, Daniel Bryan levied the same insults at Cena during their build-up to SummerSlam, where he said Cena was in the WWE for fame, while he (Bryan) was there because he loves to wrestle.

Bryan’s rebukes never really felt personal though, largely due to the fact that he had to hold back because he was a face. Wyatt, on the other hand, has not held back one bit, criticizing Cena for living in a castle with his plastic girlfriend during his latest promo (seen above), which is also quite possibly his best yet.

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  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I want to write for this site. Once a week. I’ll put a shirt on for it.

    • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

      Jeremy – hit up the “contact us” button at the top of the site

    • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

      Jeremy with a shirt on? Unheard of.

  • Harry Be

    • The Cunninghammer

      This deserves all the Internets!

  • Tom Wing

    Actually Randy Orton pinned John Cena clean at WrestleMania XXIV

    • Michael Hicks

      You’re right. For some reason I remembered him pinning HHH in that match. I stand corrected.

    • Fadi Arnouk

      Yeah but that was a triple threat match. You don’t count a pinfall as “clean” if it’s not a singles match.

      • Tom Wing

        He pinned him within the scope of the rules. Didn’t use a gimmick(weapon) to pin him and there was no outside interference that resulted with the pin. That is a clean win.

  • 5er

    I just want to see Wyatt pick up a clean win. No interference from the family. That would make it worth watching.

    • Michael Hicks

      I think it will be worth watching either way but a clean Wyatt win would definitely be ideal.

  • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

    To be honest, it was good to have the Husky Harris chants during his debut since he shut them up forever didn’t he? and he also proved how good he is in order to avoid becoming another Ryback.

    • Michael Hicks

      Yeah, I love how those chants are long gone.

      • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

        Definitely, because they could have easily started later down the line. He killed the guy’s who wanted to hold him down and put in a few extra shots to ensure that they do not try it again. Wyatt = Potentially, the future Undertaker/Kane/Mankind, supernatural-ish character. The best thing is that he isn’t supernatural but appears to be with his different ways, one of my current favourites for definite.

        I also didn’t realise your name, you are writing some good articles, friend! Keep it up.

        • Michael Hicks

          Thanks a ton! And I agree, Wyatt is the future monster heel for the company. He will undoubtedly be around for years to come.

  • Michael Carter

    I fully endorse Michael Hicks as a Sescoops columnist. Good stuff. You have the chops, no doubt.

    As someone who’s done this before, the hardest part is consistently choosing interesting topics. After a while, I had nothing left. Something to keep in mind. Just because I thought the topics were great didn’t mean everyone else did. It’s somewhat hard to read the Sescoops crowd. Best of luck to you. You are definitely an asset to the site.

    • Michael Hicks

      Thank you for the words of encouragement. Definitely appreciated.

  • Noah

    I’m looking forward for this match at WM 30.My opinion is that John Cena beats Bray Wyatt.I don’t think Superman Cena would want to lose to Bray on the biggest stage of them all.

  • All Success J Perez


  • fan4ever

    So far this build has been great but I still worry that creative will screw it up.

    • Michael Hicks

      Haha when dealing with WWE creative, you can usually expect the worst. I have faith they will do the right thing in this case though, at least I hope.

  • brad

    I agree this match has the poetential to steal the show.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Bray needs this win. It will establish him as the top heel in the company. Cena can get revenge at Summer Slam.

  • Giant_Gengar

    I completely agree that this match will steal the show if done right.
    Wyatt and his promos just get better and better. They are just so fascinating. If Cena puts him over at WM30, it was WELL deserved. But if not, the match should be epic none the less. Can’t wait!

  • Dru Slim

    I can’t believe people are talking about a clean Wyatt win, that is horrible logic. Wyatt should definitely get help to defeat Cena, it also makes the Wyatt family relevant. If Bray is winning without his goons over top guys, why have the Wyatt family?

  • QuiteFrankly2k

    I understand that people bag on Cena but the dude can have some great matches. This is definitely one of those amazing Cena matches for sure. This is the chance of Wyatt to establish himself. I don’t see Wyatt ever going baby face (maybe people cheer even tho he’s a heel) but the point is that Wyatt can and should be the most hated man on the roster. He needs to be the Edge or CM Punk (SES) or other great heels!

  • Poppy’s Hammer

    Anyone else get the feeling that Bray will crumble? I mean everyone says he had a great match with Daniel Bryan, but Bryan is a serious wrestling technician in the ring and can easily make the person he is against look good, just like Punk and Cesaro as an example.

    Bray had a horrible match with Kane and against Reigns as well. Bray can only get somewhere if his opponent can sell, but lead in the match. Cena isn’t very good with “selling” as well, sure he has put on 5 star matches, but they were with Punk and those two had some chemistry in the ring (as much as I hate saying that…). We all know that Cena usually spends half to 3/4 of the match getting “beaten up” because he has some serious stamina issues as well.

    Prepare to be disappointed for this match as over hyping can always lead to some serious disappointment.

    it’s nice to see you put up some good articles Hicks, you and Adrian are good writers who actually know some decent punctuation, structure and provide interesting articles.

  • Steve Williams


  • satishwarne708

    What can cena possibly get from winning here?While Bray will become the ultimate heel.Possibly the no. 1 contender for the WWE WHC with a win.Once the he ends Johnathan’s legacy specially without the kryptonites known as Harper and Rowan(eject them out immediately as the match starts).

  • Jamie

    No interest in this feud, Cena ruined it with his goofy promos and bad acting.

    • raVen

      exactly how I feel. it’s always the same with Cena, nothing matters, no one is a threat, nobody gets to him, he’s injured, he beats all odds.

      • BOOCH

        Are you watching the same feud the rest of us are watching?

        • raVen

          yeah I am. what are you watching?
          cena cracks jokes, injures his knee, but wait suddenly cena is so scared that he can’t even wash his face without feeling in danger.
          spoiler alert-next week cena comes out and says “last week brey wyatt put me in a mask, at wrestlmania I put bray wyatt in the dirt”..cause nothing bothers cena

  • insomniacreviewer

    I don’t know why people complain about Triple H burying people but Cena gets a pass. Cena does the same crap, Cena buries virtually everyone instead of doing the right thing and putting some people over.

    • scott

      Everyone has buried someone at some point…yall just choose to complain more about Cena than you do everyone else.

      • insomniacreviewer

        Because Cena buries almost everyone.

  • scott

    Wyatt should win for the better of the company. I find it funny that yall say Cena doesn’t put people over at WrestleMania and in the same breath talk about Undertakers streak…Yall aren’t complaining every year when Taker wins, but by god if Cena wins we gotta hear the internet cry about it

    • Stranger

      I think the difference is that Cena is pushed all year long at the expense of a lot of guys who have loads of potential, while Undertaker is beating guys who are mostly well-established already, and that’s ONCE a year. There’s no comparison.

      • Stranger

        I still appreciate him putting Bryan over at Summerslam though. Cesaro also looked great against him on Raw even though he lost. I hope he starts doing stuff like that more often.

        • Dru Slim

          I completely understand the way WWE handles Cena simply because I loved Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior as a kid. They were horiible wrestlers, with charisma, all the kids loved them and sold tons of merch. I wonder if young adults and smarks hated Hogan and Ultimate Warrior back in the day…

  • Kevin G. Wolfe

    They need to have more of these types of matches at normal PPVs to help build the midcard.


    This is one of the best feuds I’ve seen in a long time. I believe that as long as Bray Wyatt delivers in the ring and these two put on a great match for the ages, Bray will get a HUGE push regardless of whether he wins or loses. Cause at the end of the day, wins and loses only matter to the fans. Vince just looks at performance and crowd reaction.

    Also since Bray is a heel and a great one at that, don’t expect him to have a clean victory. That’s not how most heels operate and Bray needs to stay one. Turning him Face would only water him down.

  • Johnny B Bad

    Wyatt deserves the win, Cena has nothing to gain by winning the match, if Bray loses the match it will just kill the Wyatts momentum they have, it won’t have any effect on Cena to lose the match, Rock vs Cena (1st time) was a huge loss to Cena, but you still see him as the top guy. This wrestlemania we should see a new WWE Champion, Bryan. And a win for Wyatt. If WWE really cares about what’s “Best for business”