CM Punk & Curtis Axel Exchange Words, Zack Ryder Teasing A New YouTube Show

– CM Punk corrected the grammar of a recent tweet by Curtis Axel:

Curtis Axel responded:

– Zack Ryder posted the following video to his YouTube channel, teasing a new show. The video is titled, “New Zack Ryder Show? Teaser Trailer?”

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  • Deante320

    A la bully ray: curtis, you’re nothing more than a prospect for this club.

  • PassingBy

    And then the seeds were planted…

    • Truth

      OMG a grammar correction tweet! FEUD IMMINENT

      • PassingBy

        remember “you spilled my diet soda!” ? XD

  • Lol

    Curtis who?

  • Peer Pressure

    Why do people always make that mistake? LOL! On a side note, Curtis Axel would snap CM Punk like a twig.

    • riyadviper

      Three words: ‘NOT A CHANCE’

    • MarloN_PunkMinaj

      I strongly disagree with this lol

  • Just_another_wrestling_fan

    Curtis Axel is talking pretty big for a guy whose only been on the main roster for a week.

    He should watch what he says, Punk is the best #PaulHeymanGuy there is. He can get a crowd worked up better than anyone in the business, and he has a lot more “pull” in the WWE. I know they’re working toward’s a storyline. but they shouldn’t plant the seed of friction amongst the Heyman clan just yet…

    • Derringer Duo

      Still real to you, dammit?

      • Just_another_wrestling_fan

        I said I was a fan, not a diehard.

  • Derringer Duo

    Dang man, they couldn’t have found a more impressive picture of Punk for that montage there? I’ve seen dozens of intimidating Punk pics. They can do better than that.

  • Sammy

    I don’t get twitter/who was saying what to who. So, the one about being a Heyman guy was originally from Axel, Punk corrected it and Axel threatened Punk?

    • PassingBy


  • Stranger

    Apparently, knowing how to spell basic words of the English language makes one a nerd.

    • Super dude

      no, but correcting someone on 1 basic word does make you a nerd

      • MarloN_PunkMinaj

        ‘one’ :)

  • raven

    already? wow I didn’t expect Punk to fued with Heyman this quickly.
    This is only going to help Curis.. Could be some REALLY good matches from these two

  • Feelmemore

    They’re going to feud over the wrong use of “your”

  • Mertz

    I doubt Punk was the only person to do it, then he chimed in to make it look like something in the making

  • yes

    CM punk will now be an CM punk guy.

  • DerrekSolaris

    Well I guess his grammar wasn’t…perfect.

    • PassingBy

      Haaa nice

    • JamieEvsxx

      ahhh I see what you did there!…xD

  • Deante320

    Wow axel threatens another heyman guy lol. Nice way to start Axel.

  • Deante320

    Wow axel threatens another heyman guy lol. Nice way to start Axel.

  • 197921998

    CM Punk and Curtis Axel are fooling people into thinking that they’re going to feud.

  • MarloN_PunkMinaj

    This is funny. Curtis is a bit too hyped at the moment he needs to calm himself. CM Punk will wrestle rings around that boy!