Ziggler & Del Rio Hype Their Main Event Match, Mark Henry Video Interview, Ryder-WM29

– Poor Zack Ryder. With WrestleMania 29 approaching, the Long Island Broski seems to have given up hope that he’ll get a match on the show. He tweeted this week:

“I can’t wait to order my new gear for WrestleMania……Axxess.”

…. because everybody loves a whiny Hoeski.

– World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio will wrestle Dolph Ziggler on tonight’s episode of WWE Main Event on Ion. Here’s what both men had to say about the match:

Del Rio: “We had an spectacular #MainEvent and #SmackDown show here in Little Rock,Arkansas. You guys were amazing. Thanks. And don’t miss #mainevent this Wednesday you’ll see one of the best matches ever on the show!! WHC Alberto Del Rio vs Ziggler”

Ziggler: “I’d hate to have to follow my match on #MainEvent (wednesday night on @IONtv) or any of my matches #ZigglersBetter”

– Mark Henry did an interview with Power 92.3 in Little Rock, Arkansas on Tuesday:

Brad Davis

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  • Muhahahahahaha

    I’ll be honest if i were a wrestler I’d hate to have to follow one of Ziggler’s matches too. WM29 Jericho vs Ziggler!!!!

    • Steve

      add Bryan to the mix and it will blow the roof off

  • Blake

    Went to the show in Little Rock!!! This match sucked a lot of the excitement outta of the air with an amazing match. The Crowd was exhuasted after this match which was right after the Highlight reel! AMAZING MATCH!

  • Blake

    The Final match between the Big Show vs Chris Jericho, the crowd has just watched the Rock and had a couple of amazing matches! Jericho is my favorite to watch but this was the 3rd time we saw him in a 2.5 hour show sooo the crowd was dead. They put on a great match but WWE STOP putting the rock on before main events! You take the electricity outta the building! Its a taped show so he should have came on last for us and than edited for friday!