10 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 1/18

Impact Wrestling 1/18

Impact Wrestling presented their second episode on Pursuit last night. The show was also live-streamed on Twitch. Impact was back in the Asylum this week but next week’s episode will be the first from their Mexico tapings held last week.

Here are 10 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 1/18:

10LAX Antagonized The Lucha Bros

In the final moments of Impact Wrestling this week, members of LAX and the Lucha Bros were seen backstage. Santana and Ortiz had just defeated the Crist brothers in the main event when they were approached by Pentagon and Fenix. LAX told the brothers if they ever wanted another beating they could come get it which caused Konnan to react angrily. It seems perhaps not all was settled between these two teams at Homecoming.

9Brian Cage Wants His Title Rematch/Not Pleased Johnny Impact Is Defending Against Killer Kross

Brian Cage opened up this week’s edition of Impact Wrestling by attacking KM and Caleb Konley, who was wrestling in the opener.

Cage feels he was robbed of the title at Homecoming and is not happy about Johnny Impact putting the title on the line against Killer Kross next week before him. Cage promised he would be there in Mexico watching the match. When Johnny Impact came out to answer him, however, Killer Kross and Moose jumped him.

A match between Moose and Brian Cage was made for later in the night.

8Tessa Blanchard’s Attempted Murder Of Gail Kim

Tessa Blanchard assaulted several people in the back this week before turning her attention to Gail Kim. She strangled the Hall-of-Famer with a set of cords, the consequence of Kim’s refereeing at Homecoming costing her the belt.

Blanchard was promptly suspended by Scott D’Amore for her actions.

Gail Kim was on this week’s Impact Press Pass. I had the chance to ask her about the Knockouts division and she also commented on possibly coming out of retirement for one more match.

7OVE Want Rich Swann To “Come Home”

Sami Callihan refers to Rich Swann as “Family”. He’s said to Swann it’s time to come home. We’ve heard Swann tell Willie Mack that messing with Sami Callihan isn’t a good idea, though we know little else about their previous relationship, other than they’ve wrestled a bunch on the independents.

Swann defeated Trey from the Rascalz this week. After the match, however, the members of OVE offered him a shirt and a spot in their faction. LAX came out before Swann could really respond, however, and the main event between OVE and LAX began.

6Trey Miguel Didn’t Win Homecoming King

In a scene reminiscent of “That 70s Show” (surprisingly good upon rewatching), the Rascalz got some things off their chest this week. Trey was upset that despite his suit and crown, he didn’t win Homecoming King. Evidently, Homecoming King is not even a thing.

Zachary and Dezmond lamented over their loss to the Lucha Bros last week but Trey quickly found a way to end the conversation.

5Jordynne Grace Defeated Dark Allie

Allie took her first loss since returning from the underworld this week. She lost to the impressive Jordynne Grace, who continues her undefeated streak in Impact Wrestling. She got the win with something of a pump-handle driver. Callis mentioned that Grace just dominated Allie.

Su Yung got up on the ring apron during the match and tried to cause a distraction. Perhaps, a Jordynne Grace vs Su Yung clash is not long off. Should Grace get the win there, it’s likely she’ll be in the Knockouts title picture sooner rather than later.

4Rosemary Confronts Dark Allie

After Grace defeated Allie, Su Yung entered the ring and outstretched her hand to Allie. The lights went off, however, and when they came back Su Yung had turned into Rosemary. Allie bolted from the ring.

The commentary team couldn’t figure out what happened to Su Yung.

3Brian Cage Defeated Moose

Brian Cage picked up a win over Moose tonight in a bout between two wrestlers who have been at the top of the Impact roster for the last year. Moose tried to bring a chair into the ring but Cage wasn’t deterred. He ducked the chair shot, hit a knee to the face, and then Drill Claw for the win.

Moose has picked up a few losses in a row recently after also having lost to Eddie Edwards at Homecoming as well.

2Eli Drake Says Eddie Edwards Is “A Hardcore Loser”

Eddie Edwards’ match with Ethan Page was evidently not hardcore enough for the Boston native. He got himself disqualified after hitting his opponent with a kendo stick. Eli Drake, who has spoken out against hardcore wrestling, cut a promo on Edwards after the match. He said Edwards just needs to put on a bit more weight and he’d look just like Tommy Dreamer. Drake said that ever since Edwards went “hardcore” he’s fallen out of the title scene and it’s time for the old Eddie Edwards to come back.

1The Winner Of The Smoke Show’s Talent Search Is…Scarlett Bordeaux

Scarlett Bordeaux announced she was the winner of her global talent search. While this news was a little anti-climactic, Bordeaux also announced that she’s going to start competing in the ring, which more than makes up for her lack of a talent search winner. Bordeaux is about to become a competing member of the Knockouts division, which should add to an already deep division.

Quick Results:

  1. KM vs Caleb Konley – No Contest
  2. Ethan Page defeated Eddie Edwards via DQ
  3. Jordynne Grace defeated Dark Allie
  4. Brian Cage defeated Moose
  5. LAX defeated OVE

Next Week:

  • Impact World Championship
    Johnny Impact (c) vs Killer Kross
  • Taya Valkyrie Returns