10 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 11/29

Impact Wrestling 11/29
Impact Wrestling 11/29

Impact Wrestling presented their 3rd episode from the Las Vegas tapings last night. Last week, however, the promotion only aired one new match with the rest having been flashbacks to previous Thanksgiving specials.

This week, the promotion was back to building towards Homecoming on January 6th, 2019 in Nashville.

Here are 10 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 11/29:

10LAX (c) vs Pentagon & Fenix Booked For Homecoming

  • Pentagon & Fenix defeated Willie Mack & Rich Swann

Two weeks ago on Impact, LAX told Konnan they want to defend their belts against Pentagon and Fenix. Konnan said he didn’t like that match just yet but LAX challenged the Lucha Bros this week anyway.

Pentagon and Fenix had just defeated Willie Mack and Rich Swann to open the show when LAX came out and challenged them. The title match was later made official for Homecoming.

Later in the show, Konnan told LAX that once the two teams went head-to-head there would be no turning back, and no being friends after and that’s why he didn’t want the match to happen yet.

9Killer Kross Is Still Trying To Protect Johnny Impact

Killer Kross wants to help Johnny Impact. Kross again offered to help Johnny “do whatever it takes” to beat Brian Cage at Homecoming this week. It sounds as though Kross is trying to bring out a different side of Johnny, one he believes is more capable of beating someone like Brian Cage.

One has to wonder if Kross is going to take it upon himself to influence what happens between Cage and Johnny at Homecoming.

8Eli Drake Goes Hardcore On Tommy Dreamer

  • Eli Drake defeated Tommy Dreamer – No DQ MATCH

Eli Drake wants to rid Impact Wrestling of hardcore matches and wrestlers like Tommy Dreamer. Ironically, Dreamer actually beat Drake via count-out in the night’s main event, only for the match to be re-started as a No DQ match by Impact management. Once playing under Tommy’s rules, Drake managed to get the victory.

Dreamer kicked out from the Gravy Train, the first person in Impact to do so. This left Drake needing to take things a step farther to get the win in last night’s main event. He wrapped a steel chair around Dreamer’s head and bashed it with a boat ore before pinning him for the win.

7Taya Valkyrie Adds A Submission To Her Arsenal

  • Taya Valkyrie defeated Ray Lyn

At Bound For Glory, Tessa Blanchard needed to break out a new move to defeat Taya Valkyrie. After Taya kicked out from the Buzzsaw DDT, Blanchard broke out “Magnum”, a top rope codebreaker named after her step-father, Magnum TA.

This week Taya broke out a new submission move to get the win over Ray Lyn. It wasn’t the only new wrinkle added to the Knockouts title match at Homecoming, however, as Tessa Blanchard’s conflict with Impact referees continues.

6Tessa Blanchard Will Strangle Referees/Gail Kim Does Not Condone

Taya vs Tessa II at Final Hour ended when Blanchard punched the referee to get purposely disqualified. The referee then visited Blanchard in the back this week and explained that in the ring, he stands for law and order. When Blanchard hit the ring after Taya’s match this week, she ended up punching the referee yet again. She would continue to strangle him until his face was flush red.

Impact Hall-of-Famer, Gail Kim, had to come out and pry Blanchard off of the referee. Management may have to take action against the Knockouts Champion. Will Gail Kim play a further role in the Tessa v Taya rivalry?

5Eddie Edwards Is Staying At Shady Acres

Eddie Edwards is staying at a mental institution which shares the same name as the one from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Somehow, his doctors seemed to think it was a good idea to allow Alisha Edwards to berate him for several moments before then allowing Moose to read to him from his own children’s book.

Moose mentioned Edwards’ book didn’t mention Moose power-bombing him on the ramp or any of the other beatings he’s given him. Edwards will likely be released from Shady Acres before Homecoming, and we’ll possibly see him and Moose renew their rivalry then.

4Kiera Hogan Pleas For The Old Allie To Come Back

A new Allie has returned from the undead realm, one now aligned with James Mitchell and Su Yung. This week Kiera Hogan made a plea for the good Allie to return. Hogan believes the darkness hasn’t fully consumed Allie. She said Allie could have really hurt her two weeks ago but didn’t. To Hogan, that makes her believe good Allie is still alive deep within this new dark Allie.

3Jordynne Grace Is Very Strong (Still)

  • Jordynne Grace defeated Katarina

Jordynne Grace has started her Impact Wrestling career by defeating Katarina twice in a row. Katarina seemed to get in a bit more offense then she did last time out but the end result was the same: Grace squeezing her opponent in a bear-hug so tight the tap-out comes almost instantly.

After Homecoming, it’s likely a new challenger for the Knockouts title will need to be declared (assuming there are no further immediate Tessa vs Taya matches). Grace is someone who could rise to the top of the division quickly as we head into 2019.

2The Rascalz Have Arrived

  • Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz defeated Mike Sydal & Chris Bey

Trey Miguel, Dezmond Xavier, and Zachary Wentz have arrived in Impact Wrestling. They’d each participated in tapings before but now it’s clear the trio are about to make a splash in the promotion. All three have impressed many on the independent scene and look primed to do the same thing in Impact Wrestling.

1Gold Rush – November 30th

Gold Rush takes place tonight from Newark, CA. The show gets going live on Twitch at 10:30 PM. Some of the matches advertised for the show are below:

  • Brian Cage vs Moose
  • Kiera Hogan vs Tessa Blanchard
  • Rich Swann vs Matt Sydal
  • oVe vs the Freaks
  • Johnny Impact vs Eli Drake

Quick Results:

  • The Lucha Bros defeated Willie Mack & Rich Swann
  • Jordynne Grace defeated Katarina
  • Taya Valkyrie defeated Ray Lyn
  • Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz w/ Trey Miguel defeated Mike Sydal & Chris Bey
  • Eli Drake defeated Tommy Dreamer – No DQ

Next week:

  • Johnny Impact & Taya Valkyrie vs Tessa Blanchard & Moose
  • Dark Allie debuts
  • Ultimate X Qualifier
    Matt Sydal vs Ethan Page

Confirmed Matches for Homecoming (Non-Spoiler):

  • Impact World Championship
    Johnny Impact (c) vs Brian Cage
  • Knockouts Championship
    Tessa Blanchard (c) vs Taya Valkyrie
  • X-Division Championship
    Ultimate X Match
    TBD vs TBD vs TBD vs TBD
  • Impact Tag Team Championships
    LAX (c) vs Pentagon and Fenix