10 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 12/6

Impact Wrestling 12/6
Impact Wrestling 12/6 Preview

After last night’s episode of Impact, we are now down to just 4 more shows until Homecoming in Nashville on January 6th.

Here are 10 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 12/6:

10Taya Valkyrie Makes Tessa Blanchard Tap Out

  • Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie defeated Moose & Tessa Blanchard

Earlier at the Las Vegas tapings, Taya Valkyrie demonstrated a new submission hold. This week on Impact, she was able to make the Knockouts Champion tap to it during the main event. If that happens at Homecoming, Taya will be the new champ.

After the match, Moose and Blanchard attacked the victors but various run-ins would prevent much damage from taking place.

9Killer Kross Saves Taya/Brian Cage Saves Johnny Impact

Strange and strained alliances were on display in Impact’s closing moments this week. Killer Kross has been offering to watch Johnny Impact’s back in recent weeks. He made the save for Taya this week, preventing Tessa Blanchard from hitting Taya with a chair. Moose seemed to be confused by Kross’ actions, as the two have been aligned for much of the year. Before Moose and Kross could do anything further, however, Brian Cage hit the ring and took them both out.

Johnny Impact and Brian Cage stared each other down to end the show.

8Raven (!!!) Helps Eddie Edwards Escape From Mental Institution

Another ECW veteran gave advice to Eddie Edwards this week. While Tommy Dreamer warned Edwards not to shorten his career trying to get revenge on Sami Callihan, Raven told Edwards he hasn’t gone far enough in his feud with Moose. Then Raven stole a key card from an orderly and passed it to Edwards, allowing him to escape Shady Acres Insane Asylum.

A former NWA World Heavyweight Champion while with TNA Wrestling, Raven is often credited with being one of the most unique minds in the history of wrestling. He said he voluntarily checks himself into Shady Acres ever so often.

7Jake Crist Qualifies For Ultimate X

  • Jake Crist defeated Willie Mack – Ultimate X Qualifier

Jake Crist is going to Homecoming after defeating Willie Mack in the opener this week. Mack looked as though he had the match going his way when Sami Callihan got involved. Crist picked up the upset win after Mack was pulled off the top rope by Callihan and Crist gave him a cutter and got the pin.

Later, Mack was seen speaking to Rich Swann about wanting to get revenge on OVE. Swann, who has been in CZW wars with Callihan, warned Mack that they might not want to go there with OVE.

6Ethan Page Qualifies For Ultimate X

  • Ethan Page defeated Matt Sydal – Ultimate X Qualifier

The second of two upsets in Ultimate X Qualifying matches came when Ethan Page defeated his mentor, Matt Sydal. The two exchanged multiple pinning combinations in a row when Page was able to keep Sydal’s shoulders down for the 3.

Sydal was a good sport about the loss, even raising Page’s hand after.

5Dark Allie Is Really Dark

  • Allie defeated Heather Monroe

Last week, Kiera Hogan made an emotional plea for the good Allie to return. Hogan didn’t get what she wanted this week, however. Allie defeated Heather Monroe while Su Yung watched ominously on the outside.

After the match, Allie continued the attack on Monroe using Su Yung’s mandible claw type move. This brought out Hogan who tried to talk some sense into Allie. Although it looked as though Allie had come back to her senses, she suddenly struck Hogan. Yung then joined the melee and they continued the beatdown on Hogan to end the segment.

4Monster’s Ball Match Booked For Homecoming

Eli Drake claimed this week that he’s dropped his lawsuit against Impact Wrestling. Despite this, he claims he is being punished by the promotion as he has now been booked in a Monsters Ball match against Abyss at Homecoming.

3Konnan Says It Can Never Be The Same Between Lucha Bros and LAX

Konnan didn’t want LAX to defend the belts against Pentagon and Fenix at Homecoming but LAX put out the challenge anyway. The two teams were seen arguing in the back this week, leading Konnan to say this is what he had been worried about.

2Scarlett Bordeaux Joins The Rascalz Session

Scarlett Bordeaux joined the Rascalz smoking session this week. The trio seemed a little confused as to how she got there. Regardless, Bordeaux let them know she was impressed with their match last week and then reminded everyone about her ongoing global talent search.

Zachary Wentz seemed concerned that Bordeaux would attract the presence of bears.

1The Desi Hit Squad Back In The Win Column

  • The Desi Hit Squad defeated Damien Drake and Manny Lemons

The Desi Hit Squad were back in action this week. They defeated a pair of local competitors with much ease. Callis and Mathews talked about the depth of the tag team-team division which has been developing as of late. With the addition of the Rascalz, a new Desi Hit Squad team, the Lucha Bros and LAX, the tag division is pretty stacked at the moment.

Quick Results:

  • Ultimate X Qualifier
    Jake Crist defeated Willie Mack
  • Allie defeated Heather Monroe
  • The Desi Hit Squad defeated Damien Drake and Manny Lemons
  • Ultimate X Qualifier
    Ethan Page defeated Matt Sydal
  • Johnny Impact & Taya Valkyrie defeated Moose & Tessa Blanchard

Next Week:

  1. Ultimate X Qualifier
    Rich Swann vs Dave Crist
  2. Ultimate X Qualifier
    Trevor Lee vs Trey Miguel
  3. Moose vs Brian Cage
  4. Santana vs Fenix

Confirmed Matches for Homecoming (Non-Spoiler):

  • Impact World Championship
    Johnny Impact (c) vs Brian Cage
  • Knockouts Championship
    Tessa Blanchard (c) vs Taya Valkyrie
  • X-Division Championship
    Ultimate X Match
    Jake Crist vs Ethan Page vs TBD vs TBD
  • Impact Tag Team Championships
    LAX (c) vs Pentagon and Fenix
  • Monsters Ball
    Eli Drake vs Abyss