Friday, November 27, 2020

10 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 3/15

Johnny Impact has demonstrated he'll do anything to keep his Impact World championship.

Impact Wrestling was back inside Sam’s Town live in Las Vegas for their 3/15 episode last night. An Impact World championship match was scheduled to main event the show.

Here are 10 takeaways from Impact Wrestling 3/15:

Johnny Impact Swerved Brian Cage/Fans

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Last night, Johnny Impact was once again scheduled to defend his Impact World championship against Brian Cage. Once again, Johnny found a way to walk away still world champion. This time, however, Johnny wouldn’t even allow the match to begin.

Killer Kross walked to the ring before the main event with a seemingly unconscious Johnny draped over his shoulders. It seemed as though Kross had taken out Johnny out of frustration for not being included in the title match.

Cage only got involved when it appeared Kross was going to strike Taya Valkyrie. The Knockouts champion repaid him for this by hitting him with a low blow. Johnny then nipped up as though he’d never been hurt to begin with. The champion then attacked Cage with a cinder block, likely in the hopes his injury will be so sincere that Johnny won’t have to worry about defending his title against him again for a long, long time.

As for Killer Kross, it appears he was able to convince Johnny and Taya that they need him watching their back. Some type of arrangement has clearly been made between Johnny and Kross, at least.

Gail Kim Suspended By Impact Wrestling Management

Gail Kim was suspended by Scott D’Amore last night. Kim got physically involved in attempting to restrain Tessa Blanchard from being up more non-wrestling company employees. The tension between the Hall-of-Famer Kim and the former Knockouts champion continues to build.

Jordynne Grace Earns A Knockouts Championship Match

Jordynne Grace has climbed to the top of the Knockouts division rankings. After defeating Tessa Blanchard in a #1 contenders match last night, Grace has earned a title match. She’s scheduled in one for United We Stand on April 4th, though it is in a fatal 4-way match also featuring Rosemary and Katie Forbes challenged Valkyrie.

As for Tessa Blanchard, it looked like she had the match going the way she wanted but failed to keep her focus. Blanchard took the time to tell fans she “hopes Gail Kim is watching” before climbing the top rope. She was cut off by Grace, however, who then gave her the Grace driver for the win.

Lucha Bros Disrespected Konnan

Konnan went to ask the Lucha Bros for yet another match against LAX this week. Pentagon did his hand signal and told Konnan he has “no fear” in response. Konnan took this as a sign of disrespect. Konnan seems more motivated than ever to get LAX back in the ring with the Lucha Bros now.

Moose Has No Chill

Moose decided to hang out with the guys from the Rascalz this week. At first, he seemed to be having a good time with them but then his mood soured when the Rascalz made fun of “the dude Melissa Santos rejected” the previous week. Moose then beat up all 3 members of the faction in a comedic fashion.

Trey Miguel vs Moose has been scheduled for next week.

Rosemary Attempts To Bring Back Allie

Even though Rosemary’s team won the “Dark War” last week, Allie still hasn’t returned. Rosemary has possession of “Dark Allie” but this Allie isn’t letting Rosemary know where “the rest of Allie” is. Rosemary seems as motivated to get Allie’s soul back as she is to get people to subscribe to Impact Wrestling’s Twitch channel during commercial breaks.

OVE Defeat Rich Swann & Co.

After weeks of trying to get Swann to join his faction, Callihan was able to pick up the victory against his team this week. Callihan got the win for his team here after giving Tommy Dreamer a piledriver.

Later it was announced that Callihan will challenge Swann for the X-Division championship next week.

Glenn Gilberti Picks Up 1st Victory In Impact Wrestling Since 2004

The former Disco Inferno went a cool 15 years between victories for Impact Wrestling. Last night, he defeated a Kikutaro character as he looked to work off the ring rust in preparation for a clash with Scarlett Bordeaux

It was his first victory since he teamed with Johnny Swinger a decade and a half ago for TNA Wrestling. He and Swinger were known as the New York Connection and they defeated El Fuego and Scott Papper on the 21st episode of Impact Wrestling. Gilbertti would later lose a “Loser is Fired” match against David Young.

Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards Working Well As A Team

Despite differing philsophies on wrestling, Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards worked well as a team this week. They defeated the Desi Hit Squad, who just can’t seem to string any wins together. Granted, Edwards did require the use of his kendo stick to get the victory. All the same, Edwards and Drake might decide to stick together for a bit.

KM & Fallah Bah Go 2-0 Against Reno Scum

Reno Scum is a popular Las Vegas-based team. It seems they have a chance to catch on with Impact Wrestling but a loss to KM and Fallah Bah will likely do them no favors in that regard.

Quick Results:

  1. Sami Callihan & the Crist Brothers (OVE) defeated Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann, & Willie Mack
  2. Glenn Gilberti defeated Kikutara
  3. KM & Fallah Bah defeated Reno Scum
  4. #1 Contendership Knockouts Championship
    Jordynne Grace defeated Tessa Blanchard
  5. Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards defeated the Desi Hit Squad
  6. Impact World Championship
    Johnny Impact (c) vs Brian Cage – Never Started

Next week:

  • X-Division Championship
    Rich Swann (c) vs Sami Callihan
  • Willie Mack vs Ethan Page

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