10 Takeaways From WWE RAW (11/12)

Photo Credit: @TweetPW2 on Twitter

The November 12, 2018 episode of WWE RAW aired live from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO. Here are 10 takeaways from the final episode of RAW before Survivor Series:

10Braun Strowman & Stephanie McMahon Made A Deal

RAW kicked off with a Battle Royal to determine the captains of RAW’s tag team for Survivor Series.

Braun Strowman’s music hit and he marched towards the ring. Strowman beat the hell out of everyone for a bit before everyone teamed up on him. Strowman battled back and leveled Axel, Gable and The Revival with shoulder tackles outside the ring.

Strowman grabbed a chair and got inside the ring. Slater and Roode rolled out of the ring and retreated up the entrance ramp. Braun demanded a microphone and set up the chair in the middle of the ring.

Braun said that tonight’s episode of RAW was brought to you by the monster among men. Strowman took a seat on the chair and stated that he is done chasing Corbin around. Braun added that he is not leaving this ring until Baron Corbin gets these hands.

RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon came down to the ring. Stephanie stated that Braun has every right to be upset but he cannot hold RAW hostage. Stephanie told Strowman to channel his rage towards Survivor Series. Stephanie claimed Shane McMahon disrespected everyone on RAW’s roster by winning the World Cup.

Strowman shouted that he doesn’t give a damn about Shane McMahon or representing RAW at Survivor Series. Strowman added that he knows when someone is trying to manipulate him and demanded that Corbin come down to the ring.

Stephanie boasted about Team RAW beating Team SmackDown at Survivor Series the past two years. Stephanie stated that Strowman can have whatever he wants if he leads Team RAW to victory.

Strowman said he wanted another Universal Championship match and a fight with Corbin. Stephanie agreed to the terms but added that Strowman cannot lay a hand on Corbin until after Survivor Series.

RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey interrupted and made her way down to the ring. Rousey stated that there is nothing Stephanie can say to motivate her against Becky Lynch. Ronda said that she cannot wait to show “The Man” how it is really done and rip her arm off. Rousey said that maybe she doesn’t have to wait and started walking towards Stephanie.

RAW GM Baron Corbin interrupted and said that everyone needs to calm down. Corbin told everyone to focus their aggression on Team SmackDown and then got into the ring with Strowman as the crowd chanted “get these hands!”.

Corbin claimed that it is a must-win situation and that they cannot get over-confident. Corbin put his hand on Rousey’s shoulder and tried to give her a pep talk. Rousey took him down with an Arm Drag and left the ring.

Strowman got in Corbin’s face but Stephanie quickly broke it up. Braun told Corbin to enjoy his time as Stephanie’s lapdog because, after Survivor Series, he is going to neuter him.