11 Takeaways From WWE RAW (5/14)

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WWE RAW was taped in the O2 Arena in London, England. Here are 11 takeaways from this week’s show:

11Roman Reigns Was Denied Another Opportunity To Qualify For The MITB Ladder Match & Took Out His Anger On Jinder Mahal

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Roman Reigns kicked off this week’s episode of WWE RAW. Reigns had a smirk on his face as the crowd booed him down to the ring. Roman said that he got robbed last week by Jinder Mahal. Reigns challenged Jinder to come out to his yard and face him like a man.

RAW GM Kurt Angle’s music hit to a great reaction from the crowd. Angle joined Reigns in the ring and informed him that Jinder will not be coming out. Angle stated that he got a call over the weekend and was informed of a couple of things. He was told that he was wrong to deny Jinder Mahal an opportunity to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match. He was thinking emotionally and needs to use logic next time because that is “what is best for business”.

Angle then announced that Mahal will battle Elias and Bobby Lashley tonight in a Triple Threat Match to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match. Kurt then said WWE management will not be giving Roman Reigns any more opportunities to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match. Roman stated that he understood that Angle has a family and is just doing what he has to do to keep his job. Roman added that now he has to go do what he has to do and left the ring as the crowd sang “na-na-na-hey-hey-hey-goodbye”.

Reigns was shown looking around for Jinder Mahal backstage. Reigns found him and threw him into a wall backstage. Reigns continued the beatdown down to the entrance ramp. Roman connected with a Superman Punch and then geared up for the Spear. Kurt Angle and WWE officials then separated the two and Mahal ran away as the crowd chanted “Roman sucks!”.

Later on RAW, Jinder Mahal said that he will still be able to compete tonight after Kurt Angle noted that tonight was the last night to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match. Mahal stated that he has battled adversity before and will do what Roman Reigns couldn’t do and qualify for the match.

Mahal was shown later on RAW once again. Mahal had apparently spent the past two hours getting his ribs taped up. Mahal limped his way around backstage and walked into a Spear from Reigns that sent him crashing through a cardboard wall. It was then announced that Jinder will not be competing in the MITB qualifying match.

10Seth Rollins Retained The Intercontinental Championship In A Great Match

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Owens started off the match in control and beatdown Rollins in the corner. Seth battled back with a Clothesline and then a couple chops in the corner. Owens rolled out of the ring to regroup for a moment. Seth went for a Suicide Dive, but Owens caught him and threw Rollins into the ring post. Back in the ring, Owens connected with a Senton for a two count. Owens applied a Chin Lock in the middle of the ring. Seth quickly escaped with a Jawbreaker, but Owens launched Rollins back to the outside of the ring as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Kevin Owens was back in control of the match as the crowd got behind Rollins. Seth threw Owens out of the ring, but Owens tripped him up and dragged Seth to the outside. Owens went to Powerbomb Rollins but Seth escaped to the apron. Rollins hit a ridiculous Falcon Arrow to Owens on the ring apron and both men crashed to the floor.

Back in the ring, Owens and Rollins traded punches. Rollins once again threw Owens out of the ring and then connected with a Suicide Dive. Rollins sprinted back into the ring and hit a second Suicide Dive. Seth threw Owens back into the ring and hit him with a springboard Clothesline.

Rollins planted Owens with a Blockbuster off the second rope for a two count. Owens battled back and connected with a DDT for a two count. Rollins escaped the Pop-Up Powerbomb and then Owens dodged the Curb Stomp. Rollins connected with Enziguri, but Owens bounced off the ropes and leveled Seth with a Clothesline for another two count.

Owens went for a Senton off the top but Rollins was able to get his knees up. Owens dodged the Curb Stomp again, but Rollins then connected with the Revolution Knee for a two count. Seth climbed to the top rope and went for a Frog Splash but Owens got his knees up.

Seth caught Owens on the top rope with a right hand. Owens then planted Rollins with a Superplex and Seth rolled out of the ring to avoid the cover. Owens threw Seth back into the ring and then made his way up to the apron. As Owens was getting back into the ring, Rollins connected with a Curb Stomp for the pinfall victory.

Later on RAW, Owens confronted Kurt Angle backstage. Owens demanded a rematch but Angle declined. Owens then said that he was going to call Stephanie McMahon and walked away.

9Nia Jax Will Defend The RAW Women’s Championship Against Ronda Rousey At WWE Money In The Bank

Nia Jax confronted Ronda Rousey earlier today at the NBC Universal Upfront Event in New York City. Rousey was interviewed by Cathey Kelly about her debut at WrestleMania. Rousey said that was in the past and that she has a lot of hard work in front of her. Charlotte Flair showed up and yelled “woo!” into the microphone.

Nia then interrupted and asked Rousey if she was capable of becoming RAW Women’s Champion. Jax challenged Rousey to a match at WWE MITB. Rousey said that was a huge honor, but she believed that there were a lot of women that deserved that opportunity first. Nia said that may be true, but she is not challenging them, she is challenging her. Rousey accepted the challenge and Charlotte got in between them and said this is going to be good.

8The B-Team Are Undefeated

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Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas asked Kurt Angle for a RAW Tag Team Championship match. Bo and Axel said that they wanted to be known as The A-Team from now on. Angle explained that they couldn’t use that name because it was the name of a TV show and a movie remake. Bo suggested that they be called The B-Team, with the B standing for “best”. Angle stated that they have never won a tag match in WWE and couldn’t just give them a title match. Angle added that he will give them a match if they left him alone for the rest of the night. The B-Team agreed and high-fived as Angle got out of there as fast as he could.

Later on RAW, The B-Team battled Breezango. Axel and Dallas wore t-shirts that simply had the letter B on them and got a great reaction from the London crowd. Tyler Breeze tried to roll-up Bo Dallas a few times to start off the match. Bo then beatdown Breeze int hr corner and tagged in Axel. Curtis connected with a DDT for a two count. Bo tagged back and was greeted with a German Suplex from Breeze. Fandango and Axel then tagged in. Fandango hit a Clothesline and then a DDT for Axel for a two count.

Fandango booted Bo off the ring apron and then planted Axel with a Powerslam. Dallas launched Breeze into the barricade and then tagged into the match. Axel and Bo then teamed up and slammed Fandango to the canvas for the pinfall victory. Both Axel and Dallas couldn’t believe they won the match and celebrated in the ring.

After the match, Axel and Dallas were asked what kind of emotions they were feeling right now. Axel shouted “that just happened!” and Bo said that anything is possible. The B-Team then said that they were coming for the RAW Tag Team Championships. Axel started a B-Team chant and the crowd shouted along.

7Bobby Roode Qualified For The Men’s MITB Ladder Match

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Bobby Roode, No Way Jose and Baron Corbin battled in a Triple Threat Match to qualify for the MITB Ladder Match tonight on WWE RAW. Corbin knocked Jose to the outside to started off the match. Roode then beatdown Corbin in the corner. Roode followed it up with a Blockbuster to Corbin for a two count. No Way Jose then got back in the match and connected with a Clothesline to Corbin outside the ring as RAW went to a break.

When RAW returned, Corbin and Roode were back in the ring. Corbin connected with a Side Slam for a two count. Corbin knocked Jose off the ring apron and then slammed him into the barricade. Baron got back into the ring and stomped on Roode in the corner. Jose got back into the ring and booted Corbin in the face.

No Way Jose connected with a Crossbody off the second rope. Roode planted Jose with a Spinebuster but Corbin broke up the cover. Roode hit a Clothesline to Jose off the second rope and then posed in the ring. Jose regrouped and Clotheslined Bobby out of the ring. Corbin then leaped off the ring apron and decked Roode with a Clothesline.

Back in the ring, Corbin planted Jose with a Chokeslam Backbreaker for a two count. Roode got back into the ring but ran right into a Deep Six for a two count. Roode then threw Corbin into the ring post and then planted No Way Jose with the Glorious DDT for the pinfall victory. Bobby Roode has now qualified for the men’s MITB Ladder Match.

6Natalya, Sasha Banks & Ember Moon Defeated The Riott Squad

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Ember Moon, Sasha Banks & Natalya faced the Riott Squad tonight on RAW. Ember Moon and Sarah Logan started off the match. Moon knocked Logan to the mat and tagged in Sasha Banks. Sasha connected with a series of right hands and then bounced Logan’s face off the top turnbuckle. Logan rippled Banks down by her hair and then carried her to the corner.

Ruby Riott tagged in briefly and connected with a right hand before Liv Morgan tagged in. Morgan beatdown Banks in the corner for a second and tagged Ruby back in. Sasha battled back and knocked Ruby and Logan out of the ring. The Riott Squad tried to attack Banks but Natalya and Moon got in their way as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Banks was in control and connected with a Dropkick to Logan. Ruby Riott distracted Banks and Sarah connected with a knee to the ribs. Logan bashed Sasha’s head off the canvas a couple of times and then tagged in Ruby Riott.

Ruby applied a Chin Lock and then bounced Banks; head off the top rope. Liv tagged in and slammed Banks face-first to the canvas for a two count. Natalya tagged in and knocked Logan off the apron. Natalya connected with a basement Dropkick and then followed it up with a Clothesline. Moon and Ruby battled on the outside the ring as Morgan took down Natalya with an Enziguri for a two count.

Moon threw Logan out of the ring and Banks connected with Double Knees off the apron. Moon then took out Ruby Riott with a Suicide Dive. Back in the ring, Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter on Liv Morgan in the middle of the ring. Morgan quickly tapped out and Natalya, Banks and Moon won the match.

5Hardy & Wyatt Defeated The Revival

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RAW Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt faced The Revival tonight on RAW. Matt Hardy complimented Dash Wilder’s athleticism during the match and said that it flabbergasted him. Hardy then gave Wilder a standing ovation and the crowd joined along. The B-Team were shown backstage taking notes during the match.

The Revival isolated Matt Hardy in the corner and beat him down. Dawson focused his attack on Hardy’s knee and kept him trapped in the corner. Wilder tagged back in and continued to attack Hardy’s injured leg. Matt battled back and connected with a Side Effect.

Dawson and Bray tagged in. Bray connected with a Splash in the corner and followed it up with a Uranage. Matt tagged in and planted Wilder with a Twist of Fate. Bray and Matt followed it up with the Kiss of Deletion to Dawson for the pinfall victory.

4Sami Zayn Rambled About Vertigo & Invited Lashley’s Sisters To RAW Next Week

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Sami Zayn came down to the ring and claimed that he looks a lot like Prince Harry looks like him. Zayn then brought up Bobby Lashley and that how he returned to RAW as the same night as him. Sami said that Lashley tried to make an impact on RAW at his expense and showed a photo of Lashley Suplexing him.

Zayn scolded the crowd for cheering Lashley during the Suplex and complained about contracting vertigo because of that Suplex. Zayn pulled out a note from his doctor and then put on his reading glasses. Sami read the symptoms of vertigo and then proceeded to blame them for all of his recent failures.

Sami rolled footage of Lashley’s interview with Renee Young that aired last week on RAW. Zayn claimed that Lashley targeted him because Lashley wants to be him. Sami pointed out that Lashley was wearing a hat just like his. Zayn added that he went on Facebook and reached out to Lashley’s three sisters. Sami stated that Lashley’s sister have a story to tell and that Lashley isn’t the person he claims to be. Zayn said that Lashley’s three sisters will be on RAW next week to expose Lashley for who he really is.

3Alexa Bliss Qualified For The Women’s MITB Ladder Match

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Bayley, Alexa Bliss and Mickie James battled in a Triple Threat Match to qualify for the women’s MITB Ladder Match. Bliss and James teamed up and knocked Bayley out of the ring to start off the match as RAW went to a break. When RAW returned, Mickie had Bayley in a Chin Lock as Bliss taunted her.

Bayley booted Alexa in the face and then broke the hold with a Jawbreaker. Bliss responded with a Dropkick that sent Bayley flying across the ring. Mickie tried to roll-up Bliss from the behind. Bliss got pissed off and shoved Mickie James. They decided to work together again and beatdown Bayley in the corner.

Bayley battled back and connected with a Crossbody onto both of them. Bayley hit a flurry of Clotheslines and then a Belly to Back Suplex to Bliss. Mickie booted Bayley in the ribs, but Bayley shrugged it off. Bayley shouldered Alexa in the midsection, but then walked into an uppercut from Mickie. Bayley slammed Mickie face-first into the turnbuckle. Bliss slammed Bayley to the mat and went for the cover but Mickie broke it up with a boot to the face.

Alexa and Mickie once again teamed up on Bayley. Bliss accidentally hit Mickie in the face and the two started arguing. Bayley took advantage and hit them both with a Splash. Bayley knocked Mickie out of the ring and then focused on Bliss. Bayley connected with a Bayley to Belly on Bliss but Mickie broke up the cover.

Mickie and Bayley battled outside the ring. Bayley knocked Mickie to the floor and then got back into the ring. Alexa connected with a big right hand and followed it up with a DDT for the pinfall victory. Alexa Bliss now joins Charlotte Flair and Ember Moon in the women’s MITB Ladder Match.

2McIntyre & Ziggler Escaped With A Win Over Balor & Strowman

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Braun Strowman & Finn Balor faced Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler tonight on RAW. Drew and Braun had a stare down to start the match off. Drew smiled and then retreated to the ring apron. Ziggler and Balor then locked up in the middle of the ring. Balor took control and hit a Dropkick for a two count.

McIntyre tagged in and pointed at Braun Strowman. Finn tagged in Braun and the crowd chanted “get these hands!”. The two giants circled each other in the ring and then Drew tagged back out as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Braun Strowman and Finn Balor were in control. Braun Body Slammed Balor on top of Ziggler. Balor looked confused and Braun shouted “get up you are fine!”. Balor obliged and Dropkicked Ziggler out of the ring. Finn went for a Suicide Dive but McIntyre tripped Balor up on the apron.

McIntyre tagged in and beatdown Balor in the corner. Drew then stomped on Finn’s head and then his hand. McIntyre connected with a chop in the corner and Ziggler tagged back in. Dolph taunted Strowman as Braun paced around on the ring apron. Finn reached for a tag but Dolph prevented it with a Neckbreaker for a two count.

Drew McIntyre tagged back in and kneed Balor in the midsection. McIntyre hit another chop and then missed with a big boot and crashed into the turnbuckle. Strowman and Ziggler tagged in. Braun decked Dolph with a shoulder tackle and then clubbed Ziggler across the chest.

Strowman geared up in the corner and charged at Dolph in the corner. Ziggler dove out of the way and Strowman crashed into the ring post. Balor tagged in and knocked Ziggler down to the mat. Ziggler connected with an elbow to the face, but Balor responded with an Enziguri. Balor knocked McIntyre off the ring apron and then planted Dolph with a Slingblade.

Balor Dropkicked Ziggler into the turnbuckle and then made his way to the top rope. McIntyre grabbed Balor from behind but Finn booted him away. Braun Strowman then shoulder tackled McIntyre into the Greatest Royal Rumble trophy outside the ring. Ziggler crotched Balor on the turnbuckle and then pinned him for the victory.

1Kevin Owens Qualified For The Men’s MITB Ladder Match

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RAW GM Kurt Angle was shown on the phone backstage with Stephanie McMahon. Angle got pissed off when Stephanie told him to give Kevin Owens another oppurtunity to qualify for the men’s MITB Ladder Match. Owens interrupted Elias’ performance and came down to the ring as Jinder Mahal’s replacement in the match.

Bobby Lashley, Elias and Kevin Owens battled to qualify for the men’s MITB Ladder Match. Elias and Owens teamed up to beatdown Lashley to start off the match. Lashley battled back and planted Owens with a Neckbreaker and then Clotheslined Elias out of the ring as RAW went to a break.

RAW returned as Kevin Owens was being launched into the barricade by Bobby Lashley. Lashley then brought Elias into the ring and Owens grabbed Lashley’s leg from behind. Elias connected with a Dropkick that knocked Lashley to the floor. Owens rolled Lashley into the ring and teamed up with Elias to beat him down.

Owens and Elias started trading punches as the crowd chanted “walk with Elias!”. Owens elbowed Elias to the canvas and followed it up with a Senton for a two count. Elias slammed Owens to the mat as Lashley got back into the ring.

Lashley slammed Elias to the mat and then Owens attacked from behind. Lashley beatdown Owens as the crowd chanted “Bobby’s sisters!”. Lashley connected with a Spinebuster, but turned around into a knee to the face from Elias.

Elias was then alone in the ring as the crowd sang “walk with Elias”. Elias asked JoJo to bring him his guitar and Elias took a seat on the ring apron. Elias asked JoJo to hold the microphone so the people could hear him sing. Owens once again interrupted the performance, but Elias connected with a knee to the face.

Lashley got back into the ring and bounced Elias’ face off the top turnbuckle. Owens connected with a Superkick to Elias and then missed with a Cannonball in the corner. Elias hit an Elbow Drop off the top rope but Lashley dragged him out of the ring during the cover.

Lashley chased Elias back into the ring and planted him with a Clothesline. Lashley slammed Owens face-first into the mat and then went to Suplex Elias. Owens attacked Lashley, but Bobby connected with a double Suplex to both Elias and Owens as the crowd booed.

Owens booted Lashley in the face and then climbed up the turnbuckle. Elias caught him with a jab to the ribs and then planted him with a Powerbomb. Lashley broke up the cover with a Dropkick and then traded punches with Elias. Lashley lifted Elias over his shoulders and dropped him to the mat.

Lashley connected with the Dominator on Elias and went for the cover but Sami Zayn dragged him out of the ring. Zayn then threw Lashley into the ring post and followed it up with a Helluva Kick while Lashley was against the barricade. Owens then hit a Frog Splash onto Elias in the middle of the ring for the pinfall victory. Owens now joins Strowman, Balor, Roode, The Miz and Rusev in the men’s MITB Ladder Match next month.

Opinion: The highlight of this week’s episode of RAW was definitely the match between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. Bobby Lashley is already having trouble getting over with the crowd and I don’t see that trend stopping anytime soon. The most laughable moment of the night goes to Roman Reigns Spearing Jinder Mahal through a “wall”. It just looked incredibly cheap.

I’m getting tired of seeing Braun Strowman in useless tag matches every week. Yes, he has already qualified for the men’s MITB Ladder Match, but he really has nothing to do on RAW right now. I definitely would be interested in a feud with McIntyre and Strowman in the future. However, McIntyre and Ziggler are a team and I’d like to see them quickly rise to the top of the division. They have been preaching that they are going to make RAW their own and expose the Superstars in the back that have simply been cashing a check. I’d like to see them continue to dominate every week against lesser competition to make them come off as unstoppable. McIntyre did his best to avoid Strowman tonight and I thought it made him look weak. He also got launched into the Greatest Royal Rumble trophy and broke it, which now officially makes that event entirely pointless.

As for Rousey versus Nia Jax at WWE Money in the Bank, that match has outside interference written all over it. Rousey has been defending Natalya against Mickie James on recent episodes of RAW. I’m guessing that they are going to have an angle where someone is jealous of Rousey for being granted a title opportunity after only one match in WWE and will ruin the title match at the PPV.

Overall, RAW wasn’t good this week. The Authors of Pain have seemingly already become an afterthought. I’d like to see them be built up as a team, not being featured on the show does nothing but hurt them. The Revival continue to be buried on RAW, even though they are an excellent tag team. The card for Money in the Bank is already coming into form and it looking like we are about to get several weeks of filler before the PPV on June 17th.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of WWE RAW? Let us know in the comments below.