Steve Austin Talks About His Role At WrestleMania, Roman Reigns’ Push

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was Jim Ross’ guest this week for the big 100th episode of the Ross Report podcast over at There were a ton of newsworthy topics discussed, here are the highlights:

– Austin said he’s “99% sure” he’ll be in Texas for WrestleMania. He said he can’t give specific details right now, but there’s one creative scenario being discussed that he’s excited about.

– He thinks there should be two NXT matches on the WrestleMania card – one featuring men and one featuring women.

– Austin thinks WWE should “absolutely” bring Bill Goldberg back for one match. He believes Goldberg is a sure fire Hall of Famer, even though his WWE run was somewhat of a bust.

– They spoke extensively about Roman Reigns’ push and WWE modeling Reigns after Stone Cold’s feud with Vince McMahon. Austin said there is a ton of pressure on Reigns right now, especially with John Cena and Seth Rollins out of action. With the WWE Championship on the line at the Royal Rumble, Austin says Reigns needs to retain and go into WrestleMania as the defending champion:

“Just for me, from a credibility standpoint, for him and his character development, I say leave the belt on him and put a hell of a challenger in there with him. And he doesn’t need to regain, he needs to hang onto it. That’s my two cents.”

Austin added, “Here’s the thing. If you indeed took the belt off of him at WrestleMania losing to Brock Lesnar, I don’t think that discounts the credibility [of Reigns]. Depending on that match, you can lose that match and gain people’s respect just by your performance in the match and how the story’s told. I don’t believe if he was to fight Brock Lesnar, that’s not a must win match for him, but it’s a must five-star performance for him.”