What You Didn't See On Raw: Dark Match, Farewell Lilian


Thanks to reader James Cohorn for sending in these live notes from last night’s WWE Raw from Little Rock, Arkansas:

Pre-Raw Dark Match: The dark match was Eric Escobar vs. Jamie Noble. Escobar received a lot of heel heat and Noble was receiving a surprising good reaction. Noble won with a flying legdrop from the ropes.

WWE Superstars Match: Chris Masters wrestled Primo.

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Live Notes: I would estimate the crowd at around 8-10,000 people. The crowd was pretty live for most of the night. I was sitting near the stage area and could see Brian Christopher and I believe Scott Taylor in the backstage area. My friend saw Rodney Mack and Jazz in the concourse before the show so i guess they were visiting. Mack and Jazz run a weekly independent show In Jonesboro, Arkansas, which is about 2 hrs from Little Rock.

I enjoyed the opener and then the beatdown that Legacy put on DX. The contract signing segment seemed to drag on and on until Show and Jericho and MVP & Henry came out. The Cedric and Chavo match was pretty boring. I can’t believe that are still giving us this Hornswoggle and Chavo crap. The crowd seemed to eat it up when Horny came out from under the ring. I am not sure who the tall masked guy was.

Post-Raw Dark Match: The dark match main event was DX & John Cena vs. Randy Orton & Legacy. Orton & Legacy started triple teaming Cena before DX ran out. After DX came out they had Orton cornered and Legacy left. All of the faces hit their signature moves on Orton, who then left, so there was really no match. DX then started to do their speil with Cena. Triple H said that Cena needed to move his hips so he could get in the flow. As they started saying for the 1,000’s in attendance and the millions watching at home, Triple asked what time it was. Someone in the audience said that it was 10:18. Michaels said that they were not live so that it was just the 1,000’s in attendance.

Goodbye Lilian: Triple then started again but said that something was missing. They then brought Lillian in. Triple then started a Shopzone spiel. Triple H then said for the 1,000’s in attendance and the millions not watching around the world and Lillian Garcia because it may be her last night. They then proceeded to the two words part. Lillian then joined in with DX on the if your not down with DX part. DX then left and shook hands with the fans.

After DX left, they started playing the Eisley Brothers song “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” for Lillian. Her fiancé then came out to the ring and they started dancing to the song while in the ring. Lillian left and then shook hands with the fans. This was truly a great moment.