WWE Pins Ultimate Warrior In Court: Warrior Must Pay


There’s been another setback for the Ultimate Warrior in his legal battle against WWE. Last week, it became clear that Warrior’s lawsuit against WWE for defamation related to the “Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” DVD would be thrown out because WWE lawyers were able to demonstrate that Warrior publicly defamed WWE first. After last week’s ruling, Warrior wrote the following message on his website:

“It is what it is. There are no guarantees in litigation. None.  Of course, when you pursue these things, you want things to turn out in your favor. So does the other side. Cases are made and cards fall where they will.  What helps me handle it is that I am realist about things I cannot control and an optimist about all the incredible opportunity that always lies ahead, every day, every hour, every minute. I mean, from the moment you decide in your head that the past is done and gone, that it is a fact of reality you can’t change, and you put your time and energy into moving forward, right then and there positive things begin to happen. Only when you change the world of your mind will things in world outside of you change.  There is no reason for hesitation except that you choose to stay stuck. The only force is your mind. I don’t choose to remain stuck. I’m not good at whining and complaining about what I, myself, can, will and must do. I still have the rest of today to make the most out of myself and my life. I’m going to get at it.”

Call the guy crazy, but he seems to have a good attitude about the situation. On Monday, Judge Roslyn O. Silver ruled that Warrior will now will have to pay $18,967.46 for the legal costs and expenses WWE had to pay to defending themselves against Warrior’s lawsuit.

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