Top TNA Star Leaving, 3-Hour iMPACT!, Global iMPACT!


— The word going around is that a certain top TNA star who is a former WWE main eventer is not high on re-signing with the company when his contract comes due this coming summer. There’s been talk in recent months that Scott Steiner was unhappy in TNA (and in bad physical shape), so it could be him – but that’s just speculation.

Update: After speaking with a source within TNA, we’ve heard that its actually Booker T who has been unhappy as of late and is leaning towards leaving the company when his contract expires.

— The October 15th edition of TNA iMPACT!, the final show before the company’s Bound For Glory PPV, will be a 3-hour show. The show is being taped tonight in Orlando and will air next Thursday on Spike TV from 9 PM to midnight.

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— The highly anticipated TNA Global Impact 2 special will air this Thursday night immediately following TNA iMPACT! In case you  missed it last week when we posted it, here’s a video preview for the event: