Torrie Wilson Desribes Her Recent Hospitalization


Former WWE diva Torrie created a lot of commotion last week after she posted the following message on Twitter:

“Big scare for me tonight. I was in the emergency room. Thought I was heading up to Heaven for a minute there. Thanks for letting me stay a little longer, Jesus!”

Wilson spoke to the Houston Chronicle this week and shed some light on her recent hospitalization due to a bad reaction to medicine she took for a thyroid problem. According to Wilson, her “heart was starting to shut down” while she was in San Diego, California.

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“By the time I reluctantly went to the doctor, I was rushed to the emergency room with numb arms and legs and blue hands,” Torrie told the Houston Chronicle. “I was extremely dizzy and nauseous. I still didn’t take this seriously until the doctor started freaking out on me.”

Wilson was surprised that her message on Twitter got so much attention online. “I had a horribly close call, and I’m ashamed to admit that I ‘Twittered’ about it hours after I was out of the hospital because I was so flabbergasted at what happened! I guess I forgot how many people actually pay attention to me.”

Torrie also shot down rumors that she was using abusing prescription pain pills or any other drugs. She’s has a history of back problems that forced her to end her wrestling career.

“I was not taking prescription pain pills and anything crazy – like the Internet rumors said,” she said. “My heart rate was 30 per minute and slowing when I finally got help. I will never take medication without doing research on possible adverse reactions. In a nutshell, that’s what happened.”

Scary stuff, but thankfully she’s recovering. To read the entire interview, visit