Why Dolph Ziggler Has Yet To Capture The IC Championship


source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

At one point, WWE planned on having Dolph Ziggler beat John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship at Hell in the Cell. Considering Morrison retained the title at last week’s pay-per-view, the plan was ultimately nixed. He was also previously scheduled to win the title at the prior month’s Breaking Point pay-per-view, but management didn’t want Morrison to have the stigma of a one week champion so the match was canceled a few days before the event.

Furthermore, WWE planned on having Ziggler win the title at either Night of Champions or SummerSlam, but Rey Mysterio played hardball and would not agree to drop the title to him at either show. He did, however, agree to drop the title to Morrison before taking off for a 30-day suspension last month.

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Beginning today, the SmackDown & ECW crew embarks on a four-day tour of Mexico and all of the Ziggler vs. Mysterio matches were being advertised as Intercontinental title matches.