WWE’s Image Change, Taz’ Role In TNA, Stacy Keibler Turns 30


Kanascity.com has an article that looks at WWE‘s attempt to “polish” its image in hopes of attracting advertisers. The article cites WWE‘s shift to TV-PG programming and the Celebrity Raw Guest host gimmick as examples of WWE attempting to broaden its appeal. Since going TV-PG, WWE has landed Pepsi, 7-Eleven stores, Mattel toys and the Army National Guard as new sponsors.

— TNA announcer Taz wrote a message on his Facebook responding to fan suggestions on how to improve the TNA product. Taz wrote:

“Folks, I get many suggestions on my Tweet/FB pages asking me to do “this” or do “that” in TNA with certain talents…just so you all hear this from me…I am NOT a member of the TNA booking team guys….so there (lol)!”

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— Congratulations to former WWE Diva Stacey Keibler, who turns 30 years old today. She was born on October 14, 1979 in Baltimore, Maryland.