Backstage: Russo's TNA Future & Possible Replacement, Hogan


Credit: Newsletter

Regarding Vince Russo’s future in TNA, everyone close to the situation is saying that nothing has been decided yet by the company. Russo is under the impression that nothing has changed regarding his status since he feels he’s been doing his job, but there are a number of people who feel his position is in jeopardy. Those same people also feel the Hogan and Bischoff team will establish their own infrastructure and put their own creative people in place, and the duo will be in TNA for the long haul.

If Russo goes, the assumption is that Ed Ferarra will also be out of a job. The only remaining member of the current creative staff would be Matt Conway, who is the youngest member of the staff and is someone Dixie Carter sees as a bright young mind.

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Kevin Sullivan has been mentioned as a potential replacement for Vince Russo, as well as Kevin Nash although Nash says he has no interest in the role. Nash is currently working to solidify his acting career for once he finishes wrestling.

Rumors that Hogan and Bischoff negotiated directly with Dixie’s father, Bob Carter, who owns TNA’s parent company Panda Energy, are false. Multiple sources closes to the situation say Dixie was in charge of negotiations, which lasted approximately five months.

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