Hogan Has TNA Worried, Will Bischoff Show Up In Orlando?


source: www.f4wonline.com

Hulk Hogan already has some of the higher-ups in TNA worried as he apparently seemed hard-pressed to even mention the organization during his media blitz promoting his book last week. While the wrestling legend put over TNA here and there, the feeling is he treated the organization as an afterthought when appearing on such highly visible shows as Larry King Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Eric Bischoff is supposed to show up in Orlando for this week’s slate of iMPACT! tapings, but as of yesterday, TNA officials weren’t sure of his intentions. Many feel that if he works this week’s television tapings, it would show interest on the part of Hogan’s camp in the organization. However, if the former Vice President of World Championship Wrestling isn’t present this week, they doubt Hogan will ever show up in TNA.

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— Kip James and Rhino went to the University of Wisconsin vs. Minnesota State college football game two weekends ago to shoot off the cannon after a touchdown. They were introduced as “WWF stars Billy Gunn and Rhino.”