MMA NEWS: Fedor’s Fight On Saturday, Gina Carano, CBS


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at with a number of MMA-related thoughts. Here’s what JR said about:

Fedor’s Fight This Weekend: “Big nite for CBS and Strikeforce this Saturday night as they broadcast the network TV debut of Fedor Emelianenko, who is being positioned as the baddest MMA fighter alive. I might suggest that CBS air multiple and different personality profiles on the Russian heavy hitter prior to his fight during the show as no one knows if the fight will end in seconds, or not, one way or another. Will CBS continue to stick their toe in the MMA water if they don’t pop a great TV rating this Saturday night? To CBS this MMA vehicle is one dimensional, it’s all about the TV rating as producing a MMA event isn’t as expensive as producing a multi week TV series. MMA is essentially an action adventure, reality show, sporting event but it will all still come back to the television rating CBS earns and creating stars that the viewer is interested in, intrigued with and are willing to emotionally invest.

Gina Carano: “I hear Gina Carano is currently making a movie but CBS not having her in some role for this broadcast is a mistake. Plus, CBS should have capitalized on the female genre with a women’s bout Saturday if at all possible and if for nothing else the curiosity factor of women competing.  Strikeforce has to differentiate themselves from the big dog, UFC, and utilizing women fighters is one way to do so.

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CBS’ Commitment To Strikeforce: It is also imperative for CBS to make me care about the other fighters while continuing to hype their cash cow Fedor and enhance his image. One piece of irony here is that Fedor will likely be the overwhelming fan favorite in the main event even though he is fighting an American in Chicago.  The Average Joe doesn’t know Fedor’s opponent, Brett Rogers, which doesn’t help build Fedor…win, lose, or draw.