JR Blog: Fedor Needs A Manager, Strikeforce & CBS' Strategy


WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com with some thoughts about Fedor Emelianenko’s Saturday night win over Brett Rogers, what the win means for CBS and Strikeforce and how they can get the most out of Fedor. Ross wrote:

Fedor Emelianenko won his CBS fight Saturday night with not too many strains and pains but also not without some angst and a bloody face which likely added to the moment. Fedor really needed to win to help CBS build their MMA franchise around their only big time, marketable star. Brett Rogers, who did much more press than did Fedor because Fedor allegedly doesn’t speak English well enough, was obviously gassed in the second round and became easy prey for the hard hitting Russian who continues to build his mystique and legend among MMA fans.

Remember, CBS’s involvement in MMA isn’t about building the sport it is solely about building a TV rating. That’s not a bad thing for a TV network but somewhere CBS might get it that building stars will build their TV brand and building their TV brand will build their ratings.

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If I were CBS I would hire Fedor an English speaking manager. One who could do media and get people talking. Any challenger of Fedor cannot be a sucker and be obligated to do most of the press because Fedor is Russian. If the TV rating is decent it will be fun to see if a major network can build a MMA star.