JR Blog: Lack Of Survivor Series Hype, Too Many PPVs


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. In this entry, Ross questions whether WWE has done a sufficient job hyping the Survivor Series WWE title match and shares his thoughts on whether WWE holds pay-per-view events too often.

Survivor Series Hype: RAW from Sheffield was an interesting show. I honestly expected more hype for Survivor Series but what I heard was not offensive or overkill and seemed to work. I kept waiting on some issues to pop up between Cena, HHH, and HBK as they prepare for their Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title at Survivor Series. By it not happening, it leads me to believe that something could be up someone’s sleeve come this Monday from Madison Square Garden. Or not. The question is, when will the proverbial shoe drop? Or will it?

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Too Many PPV Events? “Monthly PPV’s in wrestling are dependent on one key element, long term creative planning. I like the fact that themed events are being utilized, also. However, too many specialty bouts can start to run together and lose their identity. Great PPV revenue is generated by “stars” being engaged in personal issues. Two guys or four guys inside a cage doesn’t guarantee success simply because it’s a cage match. If one sees only a handful of cage matches a year that’s one thing but if they become a regular diet then the novelty of the cage looses its effectiveness. Adding new talents into the mix is also marketable as fans are curious as to how the younger guys will do in an elevated environment. PPV’s are essential to the overall success of the business and will be constantly re-evaluated and strategized as time goes on.