RAW Rating, Hogan Admits Flair Attack Was A Work & More


— The November 16th edition of WWE Raw drew a 3.5 cable rating, way up from last week’s disappointing 3.1. The good news continues for WWE – as they’ve snapped the troubling trend of the show losing viewers in the second hour. The hourly numbers for this week’s show were 3.37 for the first hour and 3.56 for the second.

Hulk Hogan has reportedly admitted to reporters in Australia that his brawl with Ric Flair at Tuesday’s press conference that left Hogan’s face covered in blood was all just part of the show. Just hours after the Flair attack, Hogan showed up at the Sydney Football Stadium for another press conference looking “fit and healthy.” Australia’s Wentworth Courier newspaper reports that Hogan told reporters, “It took me about half an hour to get freshened up before I ran back out, it got a bit crazy. I didn’t plan on going backwards off the stage, that was a bit of a shock.”

– In his latest blog update at HeymanHustle.com, Paul Heyman talks about what Brock Lesnar‘s recent health problems mean for the UFC brand. Lesnar is UFC’s top draw – with the shows he fights on drawing over 1 million pay-per-view buys. Heyman says that despite the setback, the UFC will survive because they’ve done a great job establishing their brandand earning the trust of their audience.

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