WWE Reportedly Giving Up On Pushing Jack Swagger


As young superstars Kofi Kingston and Sheamus are getting big pushes on WWE‘s Raw brand, one young star not getting the same treatment is Jack Swagger. WWE has virtually given up on pushing Swagger to the next level and are disappointed with how he’s progressed thus far, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

When he first showed up on the WWE scene a little over a year ago, “The All-American American” was pegged as a future main eventer due to his look, size, charisma and in-ring ability. Fellow Oklahoman Jim Ross was said to have high hopes for him and has written extensively about Swagger’s natural ability and potential in his blog.

Swagger is now considered to be a comedy character and is ranked slightly lower than Chavo Guerrero on the Raw pecking order (Ouch.)  Some feel he’s in danger of becoming “this year’s Chris Masters” (Ouch again.)

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