Angelina Love Likely Returning To TNA Early Next Year


According to Sean McCaffrey of, who also runs the women’s wrestling promotion, Wrestling Superstars Uncensored, Angelina Love is expected to make her return to TNA during the company’s live three-hour iMPACT! broadcast on Monday, January 4, 2010.

Regarding the legitimacy of McCaffrey’s claims, he personally deals with the former Women’s Knockout Champion as she appeared on his most recent WSU show and also has her booked for events throughout 2010.

Furthermore, the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer is also saying that TNA is looking to bring Love back early next year.

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As noted earlier, Love’s successor in “The Beautiful People,” Lacey Von Erich is not expected to last much longer with TNA as she said is to be on “thin ice” with management. Reportedly, officials have given up on her as she has been resistant to suggestions to further her formal wrestling training. Her perceived negative attitude has also been a source of contention among those in the company as Von Erich has been living her persona to a hilt backstage at the Impact Zone instead of just keeping it on screen.

Love, whose real name is Lauren Williams, was released from TNA this past September due to visa issues. Soon after, Williams’ agent posted a blog entry on her MySpace account stating she would return to the organization once the issues with hervisa had been resolved.