Backstage Story On Why WWE Continues To Treat Mickie Poorly


As seen last week on Raw, WWE continued directing thinly veiled personal shots towards Mickie James as Matt Striker uttered disparaging remarks regarding her appearance while on commentary.

While commenting on the Divas’ evening gowns, he said, “Well, I know Kelly Kelly is wearing Vera Wang. I believe Maria might be wearing Gloria Vanderbilt. Mickie James is of course wearing T.J. Maxx.” A few moments later, he followed up his initial comment with the following, “Think Mickie’s wearing Lane Bryant?”

According to the most recent issue of the Wrestling Observer, the belief among wrestlers is that James, who has had her weight mocked in recent weeks, will part ways with the company once her contract expires so she can fully pursue a career in country music.

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While news of Mickie leaving WWE to pursue a career in music has not yet been confirmed, many in the company believe that to be the case. Hence, WWE is treating the popular SmackDown Diva poorly on television as a “send-off” of sorts as that’s their way of dealing with the matter.