Details On Flair's TNA Negotiations, Danielson, Nash


— Ric Flair and TNA Wrestling are closing in on the financial aspect of their negotiations. An interesting rumor going around claims that Flair wants to be contracted to Panda Energy, rather than TNA, so that he would still be entitled to a pay day if TNA went out of business.

— To update the earlier story on Bryan Danielson’s status, he is actually training at Randy Couture’s “Xtreme Couture” gym in anticipation of his call from WWE.

— Kevin Nash has reportedly been vocal in conveying his disapproval of Taz as a commentator.

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WWE presently has a SmackDown! house show scheduled for 1/11, which would be the night WWE RAW goes head-to-head with UFC Fight Night. WWE has not yet committed to running that episode as a three-hour RAW, but should it make such a call, the assumption is that the house show would be postponed so that the SD wrestlers could work the TV show.