New TNA Show Coming To Spike, Abyss Discusses January 4th


— TNA has announced that a new television show will be coming to SpikeTV as a monthly series starting on Thursday, January 14, 2010. Here is the announcement:


TNA Wrestling “Epics” is coming to SpikeTV as a new monthly series starting on Thursday, January 14, immediately following “iMPACT!”. The first “Epics” broadcast will highlight Kurt Angle! Stay tuned to for more details!

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— In his latest Monster Blog, Abyss discusses Hulk Hogan coming to TNA, TNA going live on Monday, January 4, 2010, Fantasy Football, Santa, and more. Regarding TNA going live, he wrote the following:

“Wow TNA is going LIVE on Monday January 4 on Spike TV and the momentum and excitement continue to grow and build to epic proportions. This night will mark a new day in TNA and a new day in professional wrestling. Hulk Hogan will make his debut in TNA on that night. His arrival is the single greatest and biggest moment in TNA history. Wow what a huge night it is going to be. I remember when the Monday Night wars were being waged at the time when I was going thru some of my tougher times in life. I was undergoing some intense psycho therapy at the time. The only night that I ever looked forward to was Monday nights and the war between WCW and WWE. Monday was my weekly escape away from all of that as I enjoyed the competition and war between the two. I can vividly remember thinking to myself at that time, “Wow I want to compete in something like this. I wish I could compete and wrestle on Monday night. I’d love to be in this war.” Well folks, my dream has come true and have become reality to me and everyone at TNA as well as wrestling fans all over the world. I am SO excited about TNA going live on Monday January 4. I’ve been with TNA since its inception and to see this as a reality finally is a huge day for TNA and Abyss. Make no mistake about it….Abyss is ready to go to war!!!!”

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