Sheamus Interview: His Relationship With HHH & His Success


In an interview with the UK’s Daily Star, Sheamus says he found success through ‘determination’ and ‘an unerring self-belief (that) saw him right’.

“Here’s the deal – I grew up a red-headed kid and took a lot of abuse. Wrestling was always my dream, and people laughed at me.

“When I told people what I wanted to do, they laughed. But the lesson that every kid out there should take from me is don’t ever let anyone say you can’t do something.

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“If you want something, if you have a dream, then do whatever it takes, and don’t listen to anyone who tells you can’t do it. I’m from a small country – and I’m WWE Champion.”

The WWE Champion also spoke out against those who feel the veterans ‘are keeping the young guys down’.

He strongly feels instead of brown-nosing and politicking, a positive and respectful attitude goes a long way.

“Lots of people complain that the top guys are keeping young wrestlers down.

“But, you know, in reality the top guys are looking for wrestlers to step up. They want young people to step up to that level – it’s what they’re waiting for. And I’ve worked my arse off.

“These guys are on top because they are the best. My goal is to be better than all of them. I don’t want to be first Irish champ. I want to be the best ever, the longest reigning champion.”

The Irish superstar also acknowledged the speculation regarding his relationship with Triple H.

“Yes, there are a few stories going around about HHH but the deal is that Trip has been fantastic.

“He’s one of the most successful WWE champions of all time. If you’re going to learn, then learn from the best.”

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