*Spoilers* ECW & Superstars Tapings Results


WWE SmackDown, ECW and Superstars Tapings in Orlando, Florida
December 20th, 2009 – Report by Patrick Dirusso

Good attendance tonight, 85% full.

Dark Match

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* Shelton Benjamin pins Tyler Reks. Reks draws heat by saying “Where were all of you when I needed you” Shelton wins in under 5 minutes.


* Segment where Jack Swagger comes out and promises to be the next ECW Champion.

* Zack Ryder pins Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer dominated most of the match.

* The Abraham Washington Show with guests Trent Baretta and Caylon Croft. Washington makes Tiger Woods jokes before introducing Croft & Baretta. They try to draw heat but get very little. These guys need more mic work.

* Backstage segment with Christian and Yoshi Tatsu. Swagger interrupts and accuses Christian of trying to “coach” Yoshi. Swagger says it will do him no good becuase he says he will “steamroll” through Yoshi tonight and then beat Christian for the ECW title. Yoshi calls Swagger a jackass after he walks away.

* Vance Archer pins Goldust in an ECW Homecoming qualifying match.

* Yoshi Tatsu pins Jack Swagger in an ECW Homecoming qualifying match.

WWE Superstars

* Ezekiel Jackson vs. Vladimir Kozlov ends in a double countout. They brawled outside not very long after the match began. Quick to say the least.

* Segment with Drew McIntyre. He claims to have been the chosen one by Vince McMahon and that Vince McMahon was “correct in chosing him” becuase he is the new Intercontinental Champion. John Morrison interrupts. Morrision informs McIntyre that Teddy Long has approved his rematch for the IC title at Royal Rumble. They brawl and Morrison hits the Starship Pain on McIntyre.

* Kane defeats Mike Knox in a decent match. Decent pop for Kane.