Brian Kendrick Talks About Backstabbers & Cowards In WWE


In an interview with Canada’s SLAM! Sports, former WWE superstar THE Brian Kendrick Kendrick speaks out against the “backstabbers, power hungry people, suck ups, weak people” in World Wrestling Entertainment. Kendrick told SLAM! that his time on the RAW brand, his final run with the company, was miserable.

“I am a good wrestler, I did a good job. I also know that certain behavior was encouraged, some actions were frowned upon, and I didn’t care. TV sucked because you saw a circus, backstabbers, power hungry people, suck ups, weak people,” Kendrick said. “Also lots of really great, nice, funny people. But I felt like a tool sitting in the bleachers waiting in case they need my skills for something.”

Kendrick admits that his rebellious attitude and marijuana use were part of the reason he was underutilized and released from WWE. He thinks WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis acted “cowardly” by firing him over the phone.

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“Is it the pot fines?’ I had a script for it, I had heated discussions with Dr. Black, I had to refuse a test to get him to call me at one point. He wouldn’t admit to that. I wanted honesty, maybe I got it, but I think more likely I am dealing with a coward. He did fire me over the phone after all.”

Kendrick also spoke about his tag team with Paul London, how fellow ROH castoff Bryan Danielson will fare in WWE and more. To read the full interview, visit