Ex-Diva Looking To Return, Million Dollar Man On Twitter


— Former WWE Diva Jackie Gayda noted in a blog post on her official website that she would not mind returning to professional wrestling if the door came “a knockin'” again. She wrote:

“Within this past ten years, things have drastically changed for all of us, there is no doubt about that. Venturing into the fitness industry through the eyes of track and field was my goal towards the turn of the century, only to be “side-railed” by a profession that I would have never dreamed, that of professional wrestling. From flying from the top rope as a WWE Diva and then onto a Total Non Stop Action Knockout, I took my greatest challenge on of becoming a mom. A mom that could not get enough of the lifestyle of fitness. Incorporating what is IMPORTANT TO YOU into your daily routine is what is going to make this decade so great for all of us. For me, that meant and still will mean training for not only the continuation of triathlons next season but also readying myself to be compete on the fitness stage for the very first time. And who knows, if the door of professional wrestling comes “a knockin'” once again (*hint hint*), I may just be answering.”

— Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia is auctioning off the bra top featured in the official 2008 WWE program as well as a multi-piece outfit featured in an 8 x 10 promotional photo several years ago. You can view the auctions at the following link.

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— You can follow “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase on Twitter at the following link.

— Former TNA writer Dutch Mantel was released from his duties of IWA (International Wrestling Association) booker this past week, reports the Wrestling Observer. Names brought up as possible replacements are Luis Santiago, who formerly booked the promotion, and Hector Melendez.