Friends Worried About Torrie Wilson After Gun Incident


Torrie Wilson
Torrie Wilson

Friends and fans of Torrie Wilson are concerned after some disturbing messages she posted on Twitter this week.

The former WWE diva wrote that she was alone at home and felt scared, so she got out a loaded pistol, took the safety off and accidentally fired a shot into her bathroom that went right through the ceiling.

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Torrie wrote: “Funny story: last nite i was alone & scared so i pulled out my pistol 4 protection & pulld the safey & let go n it SHOT outta my hands ito the bathroom & thru the ceiling! Crazy n glad didnt kill a dog!! eiling! Glad noone died!”

Several people repled asking if she was ok, including TNA Knockout Tara (former WWE Diva Victoria).

Tara wrote: “How scary. Be careful … Call me to let me know you are okay. Everyone is worried about you. Especially me Siz!!!”

Torrie replied: “ok guys i promise im taking a gun handling class! i know its not funny but since im ok it kinda is..mostly cuz THAT situations typical -tor”

It’s also worth noting she was hospitalized back in October after having a bad reaction to prescription medications she was taking. Let’s hope everything is alright with Torrie.

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