iMPACT! Does Record Rating, Honky Tonk Rumor Killer


— This week’s TNA iMPACT! did a 1.4 rating, a new record for the company for a Thursday night broadcast. The show did hours of 1.46 and 1.3 with an average of 1,867,000 viewers. The show peaked in the opening 15-minute segment with a 1.51 rating. (Source:

— During Friday’s appearance on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show, Eric Bischoff shot down The Honky Tonk Man’s claim that he is “close to signing with TNA.”

“I’d rather drive a rusty ice pick through my eye than work a day with him. This guy couldn’t draw flies if you rolled him in cow s—. He’s negotiating with himself. No truth to that at all.”

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On the other hand, Hulk Hogan said he would not mind bringing The Honky Tonk Man to TNA. He joked that HTM trademarked “Linda Hogan” because nobody else did and suggested he work a program with Bubba.

“If we brought him in and we did a program with Bubba, it would mean something,” Hogan said.