Past Raw Guest Host Says Bret’s WWE Return Made Her Cry


Access Hollywood correspondent Maria Menounos, who hosted an episode of Monday Night Raw this past October, has been talking about professional wrestling quite a bit on her Twitter account as of late.

She talked about watching Raw this past Monday night, but missed TNA because her TiVo was broken. She noted her excitement for Kurt Angle, the return of the New World Order and WWE not being the only game in town anymore. She also said watching Bret Hart‘s return to Raw made her cry. Here are some things she wrote:

* “Was great to see Bret hart on raw…knew vince was gonna kick him in the gut-they’ll face off at wrestlemania.did anyone watch tna?”

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* “I cried when bret started spoke during the open..very could tell throughout the show he was holding so much inside.lotta pain.”

* “But I did flip to watch kurt angle who I love…and the return of nwo was huge!love that there’s a wrestling rivalry again!”

As if that isn’t enough, Maria mentioned she’s friends with Bob Backlund and that when she was a little girl, she always wanted to be Miss Elizabeth. She said he’d still kick anybody’s butt at his age and is hopeful he returns to wrestling one day. She also made mention of a few of his quirky traits, such as how he won’t give an autograph to a fan unless said fan can recite all of the United States Presidents.

— You can follow the one and only Rosa Mendes on Twitter at the following link. Her account has been confirmed by WWE.

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