The Releases Continue – Another WWE Wrestler Let Go


After spending two years in developmental, WWE has parted ways with José Torres, better known among Puerto Rican wrestling fans as Black Pain. He too was released alongside the former DJ Gabriel yesterday.

Torres had been performing under the guise of a “monster” persona initially developed during his time in the Puerto Rican wrestling scene several years ago, but became “WWE-ized” this past summer as the company had him remove his trademark mask in favor of a fan friendly gimmick known as Sweet Papi Sanchez. Accompanied by a sexy valet known as “Candy Girl,” Torres would hand out candy to fans at ringside. Apparently, the persona did not catch on as Candy Girl was broken off from Sanchez within a matter of weeks and he was removed from television.

After a brief hiatus, he returned to his former persona just a few weeks ago at a Florida Championship Wrestling live event.

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