McMahon's Reacton To Danielson, WWE Purchases Tape Library


sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE has reportedly purchased the Ultimate Pro Wrestling video library.

The California-based UPW — which is now defunct — was often used as a training ground for prospective wrestling talent as it was stepping stone in the development of many past and present mainstream performers including John Cena, Samoa Joe, Chris Masters, Tara (a/k/a Victoria), Christopher Daniels, Jon Heidenreich, The Miz, Melina, Sim Snuka, Mike Knox, SoCal Val and Lena Yada.

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Vince McMahon was reportedly pleased with Daniel Bryan‘s performance on last night’s premiere episode of WWE NXT as he felt they made him “a star” in one night as a result of his interaction with The Miz and match with Chris Jericho.

— The final episode of ECW drew a 1.14 cable rating with 1.45 million viewers, up from its final weeks.