New Details On WWE NXT: The Full Concept Revealed


WWE's NXT Generation

After all the speculation about what WWE‘s new NXT show would be like, we finally have some new concrete information – it’s got nothing to do with science fiction or conspiracies.

Entertainment industry publication Variety reveals that WWE NXT will be a reality-based show, similar to Tough Enough and UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter,” that will feature eight rookie wrestlers from WWE‘s developmental system (Florida Championship Wrestling) as they work their way towards a spot on the main WWE roster. Each rookie will be paired up with a veteran WWE superstar as their mentor, “with egos often getting in the way, as they learn the ropes of competing in the ring in front of live audiences, creating characters and speaking on camera.”

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WWE is teasing the series as a window into how the company truly operates.

“These kids crash and burn a lot,” said Vince McMahon. “By putting them into this environment we’ll find out if they can make it. There’s no better way to develop skills than being in front of an audience. And that makes for good television. ”

McMahon added, “ECW’ feels old, it feels tired. Sometimes our brands need freshening up. You have to continue to reinvent yourself.”

The weekly show will be broken into seasons, with two or three seasons airing per year. It will feature a totally new “look and feel” for WWE programming.

“Syfy is excited to continue our partnership with WWE, Vince and his team with this innovative live event-reality show,” said Syfy president Dave Howe. “The ‘NXT‘ rookies take the challenge of our new tagline ‘Imagine Greater’ to heart as they embark on their ultimate dream quest to be the next generation of revered heroes and champions in the fantastic arena of the WWE.”