Several Second Generation Stars Added To FCW Roster


Thanks to reader Rick Ingram for sending this in:

Four names have been added to the online talent roster this week:

G-Rilla – George Murdoch. The 6’3” 350 pound son of wrestling legend Dick Murdoch returns to FCW.

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Jules Uso – Joseph Fatu. Twin brother of FCW roster mate Jimmy Uso, and son of WWE legend Rikishi Fatu.

Mason Ryan – Barri Griffiths. Welsh born European wrestling star and actor also known as Goliath. He stands 6’6” and weighs a little under 300 pounds with a very similar build to Batista.

Richie Steamboat – Richard Blood Jr. The son WWE Hall Of Famer, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Young Richie has trained with Harley Race and and the NOAH Dojo in Japan. Great things are expected in his future.

Those not yet added to the online roster, but who have been actively competing in FCW events include Cliff Compton (former tag champ “Domino”), South African star Ray Leppan (Dameon Duke), and former World Tag Champ Curt Hawkins.