Taz Blogs About ECW Shutting Down, Criticizes Vince


ECW original and TNA announcer Taz has posted a message on his Facebook.com page regarding Vince McMahon‘s announcement that ECW is shutting down once and for all in 3 weeks.

Last night on Twitter, Taz wrote “thank god” WWE‘s version of ECW is done and sarcastically called McMahon not thanking Paul Heyman or the ECW originals a “classy” move. On Facebook, Taz explains exactly what bothered him about McMahon’s announcement:

“Point is, why not acknowledge the Paul Heymens contributions to the industry? Or, saying thanks to all the ECW original wrestlers? A lot of blood, sweat and tears were dropped during the original ECW’s life! If you are going to thank cameramen & directors (etc) than acknowledge the past history because its well deserved.

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Even if Vince McMahon did not feel Paul Heyman and the ECW originals deserved to be acknowledged, Taz feels Vince once again left money on the table by not getting the most out of an asset he bought:

“If you utilized the letters ECW to make a lot of $$$ over the past several years I would assume that your respect the history of ECW? If you would produce and sell a successful DVD documenting the companies history…I would assume you feel that the original ECW history has value….than why not give it a proper send off?”

He concluded the message by saying he’s happy the ECW letters are being retired, as they deserve to rest in peace. Visit Facebook.com to read the full blog.