WWE & Jim Ross Comment On Undertaker Pryo Malfunction


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted a message on Twitter.com/jrsbbq reacting to the pyrotechnics accident that occurred at the WWE Elimination Chamber: “Undertaker is okay from what I understand but ‘lucky,’ He’s as (tough) as they come without question.” Read more tweets from Jim Ross at PWTweets.com.

WWE spokesman Robert Zimmerman has commented on the pyrotechnics malfunction that almost set the Undertaker on fire during his entrance at Elimination Chamber. Zimmerman described what happened as a “mistiming” with the pyrotechnics. “Thank God he was fine. It basically amounted to a sunburn. It wasn’t over a large area of his body, just a short area, just a little bit on his chest.” He also stated that the Undertaker was checked out by a ringside doctor before competing in the match.

* VIDEO of Undertaker Being Set on Fire at Elimination Chamber

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