WWE NXT Details: Logo Unveiled, "Revolutionary" Concept


WWE's NXT Generation

As we saw on this week’s ECW show, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon announced the final ECW broadcast will take place on Tuesday, 2/23. McMahon thanking the superstars and crew who made ECW the success it once was and promised a “new, innovative, never before seen program broadcast” that will debut on February 23rd and take over the old ECW timeslot.

On Superstars, WWE confirmed reports that the new brand will be known as WWE NXT with a 10-second promotional spot hyping the new show. The show was called “Revolutionary” and we got a first look at the new NXT logo. It’s odd  that WWE unveiled the name of its new show during a 10-second commercial on their D-show Superstars when they should have teased another “big announcement” for next week’s ECW .. Very well ..

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Innovative .. Revolutionary .. Never Seen Before ..

WWE is setting the bar high for this new show. Based on what we’ve heard, the show will be be a hybrid of pro wrestling and reality TV, similar to WWE‘s Tough Enough and UFC’s Ultimate Fighter series. WWE NXT will feature almost exclusively young talent from WWE‘s developmental system, with the possibility of veterans appearing on the show to teach the young guys. WWE really is hoping to introduce the next generation of Superstars to fans in a whole new way, allowing us to get to know the wrestlers in and out of the ring. Whether the wrestlers are competing for a title or a WWE contract remains to be seen, but at least they’re trying something new.

As for what happens to ECW .. Expect to see most of the talent wind up on Raw and SmackDown. The ECW title will likely be put to rest in the near future as well.