Cost Of Jeff Hardy’s Immortal Title, TNA Star Upset With Money


— The newly created TNA Immortal Championship was a belt specifically made for Jeff Hardy and thus will not replace the actual TNA World Heavyweight Championship over the long run. The assumption of many within the company is that the longtime belt will return once Hardy loses the Immortal Championship.

Though the purple belt has been panned online, a number of people within the organization are high on its appearance. One TNA source deemed it “beautiful” and raved about the designer’s attention to detail.

The word amongst the locker room was that the belt cost the company $18,000.

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— TNA Wrestling color commentator Taz noted today on Twitter that he is dealing with a financial situation, which has left him highly upset.

Taz wrote, “To my supporters, Sorry I haven’t been on here for a few days. Something PISSED me off last week- so I have nothing nice to say, still mad.”

He then added, “My anger has to do with $$. Thats all I can say right now.”

source: Pro Wrestling Torch