HHH Producing The Announcers, Ziggler’s Younger Brother Talks


— It was said to be “night and day” in regards to Triple H producing the announcers instead of Vince McMahon during WWE‘s television events in England a few weeks ago—which the WWE chairman missed. “The Game” reportedly said little to the announcers during the broadcasts, which was a huge change of pace from the usual swearing and screaming. Furthermore, when he had a point to make, he waited until a break to say it. (source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Ryan-Nemeth.com conducted an interview with Dolph Ziggler‘s younger brother, Ryan Nemeth, an aspiring wrestler. He was asked whether he would be interested in taking part in WWE‘s revival of Tough Enough and what he thinks of critics who may brush him off as “just” the Intercontinental Champion’s younger brother.

To read the interview, click here.

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— Lance Storm confirmed in a post on fans.wwe.com that he has launched an official Facebook Fan Page. The page can be accessed here.