Jillian Hall Discusses Requesting Her Release, Unhappiness, More


Former WWE Diva, Jillian Hall joins Diva Dirt for her first post-WWE interview today. We spoke to Jillian about her release, the story behind her requesting her release, working as a trainer in FCW and much more. We discuss Jillian’s career from the independents to OVW, to SmackDown and Raw, including her thoughts on working with JBL, Melina and others. Jillian talks about her singing gimmick and why she wanted to drop it to be taken more seriously. She also discusses her infamous 5-minute long Divas Championship reign last year.

The interview can be downloaded/streamed here:

On requesting her release & unhappiness in WWE: “I asked for my release back in the beginning of September. I’d been thinking about it around the time of SummerSlam and the beginning of September, I decided to ask for my release. I had a talk with my boss [John Laurinaitis] and he told me that he didn’t really want to release me at the time. You know, me and John get along. I have no problem with the company, WWE was awesome to me. They were there for me through everything for a long time. They hired me when I was pretty much nothing and they kept me around. They never fired me; I saw a lot of people come & go but they kept me and I love them for that. I just wasn’t happy with where I was at the time so I did ask for myself.”

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How she became a trainer in FCW & her eventual release: “He [John Laurinaitis] was going around finding other areas where I might be happy and one of the things that came up was maybe you could train the Divas in FCW since you live in Florida. I said, ‘I’m open to that’. I’m tired of traveling. I’d traveled for a long time. I wanted to sleep in my own bed for a week straight without having to leave for a little while. He said, ‘You’d only have to do a couple of days a week’ and I was fine with that. So we talked about it for a couple of weeks and I started doing that for a couple of months for a couple of months and then they came to terms with the actual release.”