Kaval Reportedly Miserable In WWE & Asked For His Release


According to sources close to former WWE superstar Kaval, he was the one who asked to be released. He was not fired, as some readers originally assumed.

From what we’ve heard, Kaval was said to be “miserable” working the WWE schedule and did not see his career going anywhere. Company officials tried to talk him into staying, but were anable to do so.

Joey Styles wrote on Twitter, “If TNA doesn’t immediately sign Kaval (who won NXT based on wwe.com fans and wrestlers votes), I’ve no idea what they look for in wrestlers.” As was the case with the recent releases of Matt Hardy and MVP, top WWE officials are not worried about Kaval going to TNA – since stars like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson have done very little to help TNA’s ratings.

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Kaval’s first post-WWE match has already been announced. He will be back wrestling as “Low Ki” when he wrestles former TNA X-Division champion The Amazing Red on January 28th for Impact Championship Wrestling in Queens, New York.