Melina Tells Her Fans She’s Just Playing A Character On TV


WWE Diva Melina has been getting a lot of feedback from her fans on Twitter, asking why she slapped Natalya on RAW and turned heel. First, she wrote:

“People are asking me why I slapped Natalya. That pink frilly dress was offending my eyes. I was about to slap myself but better her than me!”

After some of her fans still seemed really upset that she betrayed them and turned heel, she wrote the following to clarify the situation:

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“U guys r all great. U crack me up. This will b fun. 4 the 5 people who believe what they see on the show is real, don’t trip sweeties. Im gonna goof on Twitter to joke but know that I’m still me & I’m not my character on tv. But let’s have fun with this. I love my girls on the show and am happy for their success & opportunities. Those people who were concerned are so cute & sweet. Thanks for tweeting.

For the rest that are Being supportive of me whether I’m a heel or face! You guys are amazing and I love you with all my heart. I was afraid more people would be hating. You guys are the best!!! That love & encouragement is the best Xmas gift I can possibly get.”