Paul London Calls WWE ‘A Nasty Place’, ROH iPPV Buy Number


— Former WWE Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion Paul London pulled no punches in a lengthy interview published in the latest issue of Power Slam as he candidly discussed his five-year run with World Wrestling Entertainment (which he calls “The Entertainers”), the wide array of characters he came into contact there, and much more.

Regarding a possible return to the organization that ultimately did not live up to his expectations, he said wouldn’t go back for all the money in the world.

“I think it should be changed to Take A Squat On WWE,” he responded regarding the organization’s Stand Up for WWE campaign. “It’s a joke. It’s a nasty place. I wouldn’t go back there for a gazillion dollars. Not for all the money in the world.”

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London added, “It’s ass-backwards there. If you’re a better human being, you get pushed to the bottom. If you’re a piece of garbage and treat the fans with no respect and walk right by them, you get a push.”

— Ring of Honor reportedly garnered 1,750 orders for Saturday’s Final Battle iPPV, which includes replay orders. The previous record was between 1,500 and 1,600. (source: