Mason Ryan’s Hometown Disappointed With WWE


WWE newcomer Mason Ryan (real name Barry Griffiths) was born in Gwynedd, Wales, however WWE bill him as being from Cardiff, Wales. According to the UK’s Daily Post newspaper, Ryan’s hometown isn’t happy about being snubbed by WWE.

The chairman of Porthmadog Town Council calls WWE‘s decision to not acknowledge them as a great disappointment. “We are very proud of him and all he has achieved in his profession, so it is a great disappointment that he is not being promoted as from this area.”

Ryan’s father Malcom also expressed disappointment, but understands why WWE decided to bill him from Cardiff.

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His dad Malcolm Griffiths said the geography blip was a shame. He said: “It is disappointing because I am sure he would have liked to have been promoting his home village.

“It is a shame but there are not that many people in America who even know Wales, and of those most will only know Cardiff. I suppose this is why they’ve done that. He was born and bred in North Wales but spent 18 months in college in Cardiff.

What do you guys think – would you be offended if your hometown hero changed the city he was billed from?

At least it’s not as bad as Kofi Kingston, who is from Ghana, claiming to be Jamaican! Or Santino Marella, who is Canadian, being billed from Italty. Or the late Yokozuna, who was Samoan, being billed as a Japanese sumo wrestler.